Podcast: Glazing a Trail with Graeme Clarke from Thermawood

A lucrative new industry for Australia

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SummaryGraeme Clarke from Thermawood

In this episode of Eden Exchanges we learnt about the booming future of the double-glazing industry with with Graeme Clarke, the founder and director of leading double-glazing franchise Thermawood.

Thermawood’s retrofit glazing solutions reduce energy consumption in the home as well as improving thermo-comfort. The industry has already seen a huge surge across Europe and New Zealand. We talked to Graeme about the massive potential for double-glazing franchises in Australia, and what makes it a solid investment opportunity. Listen for tips from Graeme and how to succeed in this lucrative business.

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Key discussion points

  • Graeme Clarke’s background
  • How Thermawood kicked off & has grown since then
  • The double glazing industry; Europe, New Zealand, and now Australia
  • Not just for cold climates
  • Franchise law in Australia
  • Company processes and strategies that have changed to suit the Australian market
  • Tips for prospective Thermawood franchisees
  • What makes a franchisee a good fit?
  • What’s more important, people or procedures?
  • Lessons learned through building the franchise
  • Future goals for expansion in Australia
  • Getting the brand out there
  • Promoting energy saving in a climate of rising energy costs
  • Next steps for recruiting a franchisee

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Thermawood are looking for passionate self-motivated people to Thermawood Double-Glazing Franchise Opportunityjoin their team. Thermawood is the industry leader in Retro-Fitting double glazing into existing wooden windows.