Podcast Ep#129: “Ultimately, our duty of care is to the clients above all else” – (ft. Max Haas, Thinh Dao and Angela Fieldhouse from the team at Aussie NRG)

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Today on Eden Exchanges we spoke to Max Haas, Thinh Dao and Angela Fieldhouse from the team at Aussie NRG. We discuss what drives the team at Aussie NRG, take an in-depth look at the future of renewables in Australia, and other trends the team are seeing in the energy market. We also delve into what you are getting charged for in your energy bill, how Aussie NRG can help you save on these costs and the best way to get the ball rolling with the company.

Discussion Points:

From left to right: Max Haas (CEO and Founder), Thinh Dao (General Manager and Angela Fieldhouse
  • Introducing Angela Fieldhouse
    Angela’s role within the company and her expertise in the energy field
  • Renewable Energy
    An expert look into what Australia needs to do before increasing renewable energy, the benefits of this and its importance
  • Your Energy Charges
    Some of the finer points of what you actually get charged for on your energy bill
  • The Businesses
    The different types, sizes and stages of businesses that Aussie NRG take on as clients
  • The Process
    What steps Aussie NRG actually take to help their clients with their energy contracts
  • No Obligation
    Simply put: if they can’t help you, you won’t be charged.
  • Best Advice and Getting in Touch
    What anybody interested in Aussie NRG should know and why you should enquire today

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About Aussie NRG

Highly experienced. Always for you. Aussie NRG is a 100% Australian-owned energy consulting firm, providing services across a range of industries. The core of the company’s success is based upon the pluralistic services it can provide to Australian businesses, and operating exclusively for this market. Aussie NRG strives to meet the energy needs of businesses across Australia. We are a part of a group of companies which specialise in managing energy usage across an extensive range of services. These companies include an energy brokering company which employs the reverse bidding process, and an electricity metering data company which specialise in data analysis and also a sustainable solutions provider for all your renewable needs. At Aussie NRG we build relationships that hold openness and transparence with our clients, we pride ourselves on our ability to clearly communicate with our clients, and ensure that their energy needs are being met to the highest of standards. Our group of businesses ensures that our clients’ needs are being met for major aspects of the energy market.