Podcast: Filling the Gap in the Market (ft. Darren Berry from The Tooth Booth)

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Darren Berry
Managing Director
The Tooth Booth Limited

In this episode of Eden Exchanges we spoke with Darren Berry, Managing Director of The Tooth Booth, about the Company’s expansion plans to open more retail dental clinics across major shopping centres in Australia. Having opened three new Brisbane clinics over the last eighteen months in tier 1 retail shopping centres, The Tooth Booth has often been referred to as the ‘Specsavers of the dental industry.’ Listen to our conversation with Darren about how The Tooth Booth is shaping the modern dentistry market, and more about the this unique opportunity.

For their expansion plans The Tooth Booth have partnered with Funding Strategies.

Key discussion points

  • Darren’s background and how he came to a leadership position
  • What makes The Tooth Booth unique? Is there a market for ‘retail’ dentistry?
  • How has it grown since the first clinic?
  • Is the company is reaching its financial and growth targets?
  • How is the market changing, and what’s driving that change?
  • Progress in technology and online booking
  • The business structure can be replicated across centres. How did you build that structure and how important is it to the scalability
  • Convenient processes for customers and dentists
  • Apart from the dentists, are other people joining the business?
  • Who is employed or can run a branch?
  • What lessons have you learned while growing the business and brand?
  • What is the long term vision? How do you need to get there?
  • Growth outside of Brisbane
  • Marketing strategies
  • Economy of scale, bringing in new sites and locations
  • Why hasn’t dentistry for shoppers and consumers been done earlier?
  • Where is the sector heading and where is The Tooth Booth positioned in it?
  • How do potential stakeholders get in touch?
  • Where do you want to be in five years from now?
  • How long it takes for a clinic to become profitable
  • Benefits of being in a high volume traffic area
  • The team and management board at The Tooth Booth

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The Tooth Booth Dental Lounge is conveniently located in Westfield Chermside, Carindale and Indooroopilly Shopping Centre . It is their mission to deliver the very best in modern dentistry along with unprecedented customer service all the while keeping you relaxed and comfortable. The Tooth Booth Dental Lounge is a fresh and new approach to looking after your teeth and oral hygiene.


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