Podcast: Ep#68 A Digital Picture of Money Paints a Thousand Words (ft. David Pettit, Founder and MD of PictureWealth)

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Eden Exchange continues its Director Briefing series by speaking to David Pettit, Founder and MD of PictureWealth Pty Ltd. PictureWealth is a revolutionary new platform helping redefine the finance industry and manage wealth according to individual circumstances and preferences.

The system gives an individual a complete understanding of their finances, as well as tailored, real time advice based on their needs and behaviours. It helps users paint a digital financial picture by organising all money matters in one place.

Listen as David explains the concept of PictureWealth’s wealth selfie or “Welfie”, which shows users the big picture of their current financial status, including net worth, income, cash flow, super, insurance, estate planning and goals.

David also discusses the the benefits and future of robot based financial assistance and PictureWealth’s growth plans across the personal finance sector.

Podcast Discussion Points:

David Pettit- MD and Founder of PictureWealth
  • David’s professional background and experience
    What sparked the interests in the financial health sector?
  • The idea for PictureWealth
    What does PictureWealth do?
  • Target market
    Who is the platform designed for? Who would benefit from PictureWealth?
  • What is this business?
    How does PictureWealth generate revenue and ROI?
  • Redefining the financial advice industry
    How PictureWealth plans to change the financial industry
  • The “Welfie”
    What is a Welfie and what is it’s purpose?
  • Potential markets
    What is the market for PictureWealth?
  • The PictureWealth platform’s “Welfie”
  • Points of difference
    How does PictureWealth differentiate itself from other platforms and services?
  • The plan
    What is the plan for the roll out?
  • Development stage
    What is PictureWealth’s current stage in business operations?
  • Team
    PictureWealth’s commercial and technology team
  • The future
    PictureWealth’s growth plans and strategic outlook


For more information about PictureWealth Pty Ltd, visit the Company’s page on the BlueMount Capital (QLD) Pty Ltd  website (sign off require). Alternatively, please contact Dr Mark Rainbird and his team by phone on  +61 7 3160 2840 or email brisbane@bluemountcapital.com .

About PictureWealth Pty Ltd

“A picture paints a thousand words. We help you paint your financial picture by organising all your money matters in one place. Your Welfie (Wealth + Selfie) shows you your big picture. You can drill down into more detailed pictures – even as far as individual transactions. We believe in empowering you with trusted, relevant financial information. We help you improve your wealth by providing personalised actions and insights based on your financial profile. We highlight gaps and opportunities where you could get more from your money and guide you through setting goals to achieve your dreams.”

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