Podcast: Ep#62 Reach Higher with Gutterknight (ft. Ray Tregaskis Franchisee from Gutterknight)

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Today on Eden Exchanges we spoke to Ray Tregaskis, Franchisee for Gutterknight in Coffs Harbour. Australia’s leading gutter protection service. Ray discusses how he shifted from a background within photography and traveling to settling down with the aim of creating a viable business where he would have more time for his family.

Listen to Ray explaining his journey from no previous experience to being the best in his area, his future plan for expanding his business as well as how the support from Gutterknight has been beyond his beliefs.

Discussion Points:

  • Background
    Ray’s professional background and how he found Gutterknight

    Ray Tregaskis, Franchisee for Gutterknight Coffs Harbor
  • Insight about the industry
    Assessing the business model and the business potential
  • Value of the product
    How Gutterknight differentiates from others on the market with their unique, high quality products
  • Training and Support
    How extensive training and immense support throughout the entire journey has helped Ray grow
  • The value of customer service
    Gutterknight’s business model for excellent customer service leading to more jobs
  • Future goals for the business
    How owning a business has created opportunities for expanding the business beyond its limits
  • How to succeed in franchising and choosing the right type for you
    Ray tells us about previous experiences and what to look for in a franchise
  • What questions to ask a franchisor
    Knowing what questions to ask and what answers to look out for
  • What to expect with a Gutterknight franchise
    How a day to day looks like as well as what to expect initially
  • How to get in touch
    How best to enquire and find out what is available in your area

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About Gutter Knight

Looking for a very simple business that earns exceptional income that can be run under management or done by yourself – supply and installing gutter guard?  Gutterknight is an Australian owned and run business based in Brisbane with owner operators around Australia who provide high quality, value for money gutter protection available for residential through to commercial applications. All products are Australian made / product of Australia and pass through many strict Quality Control processes to ensure the highest quality material available. From start to finish you can expect first class service. The actual business owner will personally meet you onsite, on time, and will listen to what you require. They will answer any questions that you may have about the process and will suggest some options and ideas to assist you in making your decision for your individual circumstances. You can be assured you will be offered ‘real personalised advice’ that is right for you.. Unlike other companies, Gutter Knight not only guarantees its product but also importantly our workmanship. We will clean up the site so well that the only way you will know we have been there is from your leaf free gutters and added value to your home.