Podcast: Ep#57 Real Business Opportunities with Jim’s Real Estate (ft Matt Lanigan Franchisor – Bayside and South East Melbourne)

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Today on Eden exchanges we spoke to Matt Lanigan, Regional franchisor for Jim’s Real Estate in Melbourne’s South East and Bayside area. Matt discussed his extensive business and startup experience and how he seized the opportunity real estate industry with Jim’s Real Estate.

Listen out as Matt covers key insights on  the Jim’s Real Estate business model, how to become a franchisee, how Jim’s Real Estate is selling properties in Melbourne and the extensive reach of the Jim’s network.

Matt Lanigan- Regional Franchisor for Jim’s Real Estate in Melbourne’s South East and Bayside

Discussion Points:

  • Background
    Matt’s beginnings in business and his success as a multi start up business man
  • Becoming a franchisor
    How Matt jumped at the opportunity to be a Jim’s Real Estate franchisor
  • The comparison and commission structure
    Matt compares being a franchisee at Jim’s Real Estate with start ups and small businesses
  • Why is this for Matt?
    Matt identifies the key reasons why he was drawn to becoming a a franchisor
  • What Matt sees
    The benefits and the potential of Jim’s Real Estate and why Matt thinks this is a winning business
  • Explaining the business model
    Matt explains how the Jim’s Real estate model differs from other real estate business models out there
  • Profits and dividends
    How a Jim’s Franchisee makes their living and still has money in the bank
  • What clients to expect
    The type of clients that Jim’s Real Estate is attracting and the potential reach
  • Understanding the clients
    How knowing your territory and the clients well makes for good business
  • Brand promotions and marketing
    Wearing the the Jim’s uniform at every opportunity and making connections in the community
  • The power of the Jim’s network
    The ability to tap into one of Australia’s largest business network
  • Relatable services and recommendations 
    Building a service network to cater to all your needs whether in the Jim’s Group or your mates
  • Making a call or two
    Why it is important to explore your potential networks within and outside the Jim’s Group
  • Knowing what is available in your area
    Being smart and knowing how to best service your clients with your regional limitations
  • What makes a great Franchisee?
    Utilising perspectives to know how to sell to your area and understanding the clients wants and needs better than anyone else
  • The do’s and don’ts of running a business
    Being cautious and planning your business. Utilising the Jim’s business model and making the business your own
  • How to get in touch
    How to get in touch with Matt and how to make an enquiry

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Jim’s Real Estate offers you the best opportunity to combine your experience as a real estate agent with Australia’s most recognised and successful franchise brand to build a business that offers you independence, flexibility, financial reward and all the support you need to succeed.

In one easy step, we provide you with all the equipment; training and ongoing support you need to ensure your success.
The key factors to Jim’s success is based on looking after clients and strong franchisee support from franchisors. Jim’s core belief is that the people who pay us are customers. Franchisees are the customers of the franchisor, and the franchisor’s key goal is to see their franchisees happy and successful.