Podcast: Ep#56 Glazing the way to South Australia (ft Graeme Clarke Director of Thermawood Australia)

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Thermawood is glazing a trail across South Australia. Today on Eden Exchanges we spoke to Graeme Clarke, Director of Thermawood Australia. Thermawood is a leading double glazing franchise which has been expanding across Australia. Graeme discussed the new opportunities available in Adelaide and South Australia, skyrocketing demand in the industry and what to expect with training and support for franchisees.


Graeme Clarke from Thermawood
Graeme Clarke- Director of Thermawood Australia.

Discussion Points

  • Background
    Thermawood’s position in the market
  • Why South Australia
    Why South Australia is a great opportunity for Thermawood and the demand for double glazing
  • What double glazing does?
    What is double glazing, how is it done and where is it needed?
  • About the market
    The Australian double glazing market is rapidly growing. Franchisees needed to service demand
  • Who makes for a good franchisee?
    What personality traits work well and what type of persons succeeds in the business?
  • Training and support
    What experiences you need, the training provided and its’ process and the support offered for all franchisees
  • How to get in touch
    Contacting Graeme and how to make an enquiry about a Thermawood franchise in your area

Useful Links

Thermawood are looking for passionate self-motivated people to Thermawood Double-Glazing Franchise Opportunityjoin their team. Thermawood is the industry leader in Retro-Fitting double glazing into existing wooden windows.