Podcast: Ep#47 For the Love of Café coffee: Insights from a Bean’s Republique Franchise Barista Manager (ft. Jason Angus Parkdale)

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Brewing up good business. Today on Eden Exchanges we spoke to Jason Angus , Barista Manager at Beans Republique Parkdale. Jason delved into what sets the Beans Republique franchise apart from the rest and how he became to be barista at the franchise.  Jason also discussed in depth the changing nature of Melbourne’s dynamic coffee culture, the thriving culture at Beans Requblique, anecdotes about being behind the counter and a day in the life of a Beans Republique café franchise.

Jason Angus- Barista Manager of Beans Republique Parkdale

Discussion Points

  • Background
    Jason delves into how he joined the Beans Republique franchise and his beginnings in hospitality
  • Why Beans Republique?
    How Jason met the franchise owner and made the decision to be a barista
  • A Day in a Barista’s  life
    What a typical day is like for a Barista Manager at Beans Republique?
  • Laying out the ground rules
    Learning each task well and taking turns in the role
  • Signature moves
    Jason discusses his signature style and coffee inventions for the unique customer
  • What’s in a coffee
    What type of coffees do Beans Republique specialise in and their point of difference
  • The Beans Republique philosophy
    the 3 rules in café franchising according to Jason and the Beans Republique team
  • Behind the counter
    The behind the scenes of the café staff at Parkdale and new friendships
  • Beyond the daily grind
    The end of year break ups parties and xmas party Funtime mayhem.
  • Coffee around the world
    Catering to coffee lovers from around the world, when Australians return home and what is unique about the Australian coffee brand
  • The bean specialty
    Beans Republic getting to know the customers and their orders and reading the locals well
  • Instagramable
    The marketing and brand awareness plan on instagram and facebook for the café foodie.
  • The Beans Republique team
    The support from the franchise team, especially when it’s a really bad day
  • Rivals!
    Getting to know your community and helping each other out/ Competitiveness and cooperation
  • Favourite thing
    Jason’s favourite thing about the Beans Republic franchise

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