Podcast: Ep#41 Tasmania Growth Opportunity – Jim’s Antennas (ft. Grant Diers of Jim’s Antennas TAS)

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In this episode of Eden Exchanges we spoke to Grant Diers, a Jim’s Antennas franchisor in Tasmania. Grant shares his background as a theatre machinist and how he came to head up a Jim’s Antennas in Tasmania. Grant also discusses Jim’s Antennas move in to home security, modern media capabilities, his 5 years in the business and  current customer base. He also discusses the need for franchisees in Tasmania with a growing market demand in the region opening up a business opportunities for operators in the area.

Grant Miers- Franchisee for Jim’s Antennas, Tasmania

Discussion Points

  • Grant’s Background and previous job role
  • Operating for 5 1/2 years with Jim’s Antennas
  • Opportunity Grant couldn’t miss
  • Tackling a 500,000 population client base
  • Grant’s trade background and solving problems by habit
  • Wanting to change direction from theatre and machinist
  • Very little opportunity for his previous industry
  • Jim’s Antennas was a change for the better.
  • A lot of experience in electrical and fitting.
  • Making the most of his experience and putting it to good use.
  • Turing a DIY habit into a business opportunity
  • Being challenged everyday with Jim’s
  • Jim’s Antennas taking on new technologies and new mediums
  • The analog connection is in the past
  • The security acquisition and what Security means to Jim’s
  • Opportunities in the security inustry with Jim’s in Tasmania
  • Opportunities In Tasmania
  • How to get in touch with Grant
  • How to enquire about a franchise opportunity with Jim’s Antennas.

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