Podcast: Ep#32 “Wishing I did it 5 years earlier”- James Angelevski discusses his journey to Jim’s Pool Care

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Today on Eden Exchanges we spoke to James Angelevski of Jim’s Pool Care in Victoria. James spoke to us about his quality of life since joining Jim’s and how finding a franchise that suits your work life can be easy with the Jim’s Group. James also touched on how to find out more about available territories with Jim’s Pool Care and gave a step by step on how to become a Jim’s franchisee.

Key Discussion Points:

  • James Angelevski’s role before Jim’s Poolcare
  • Weighing up lifestyle decisions
  • Why James chose a Jim’s franchise
  • Why Jim’s Pool Care is a great choice for growing families
  • James’s life now after buying a Jim’s Pool Care
  • A day in the life of a Jim’s Pool Care franchisee
  • How to work with other people and customers
  • Why sales skills are so important in franchising
  • Wishing he had made the move 5 years earlier
  • Spending time with the kids and being happy
  • How to get in contact with Jim’s Pool Care
  • Step by Step on becoming a franchisee

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