Podcast: Ep#266 More than just a call in tech support provider, Computer Troubleshooters is a premium IT service that supports your business & helps you succeed (Ft. Michael Dowling, National Director & Master Franchisor for Computer Troubleshooters Australia)

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Today on Eden Exchanges, we spoke to Michael Dowling, the National Director and Master Franchisor of Computer Troubleshooters Australia – a provider of IT services for small to medium businesses. Michael unpacks the franchise model and the role of a franchisee, the unique characteristics of a computer troubleshooting business, where the demand for tech support services is coming from and what is being requested the most, what Michael looks for in a franchisee, the major challenges Michael has faced as a franchise provider of tech support, where the industry is headed and so much more!

Discussion Points:

Michael Dowling – National Franchisor for Computer Troubleshooters
  • Jack of all trades
    Michael explains his background and how he first got involved with Computer Troubleshooters 
  • Security over break-fix models
    Michael explains how the Tech industry has evolved over the years since he started in 1997
  • You’ll never be alone with Computer Troubleshooters
    Michael explains how Computer Troubleshooters differs from others in the IT Services industry
  • The unique characteristics & who they work with
    Michael talks through what makes Computer Troubleshooters unique and what type of clients they work with
  • What is in demand
    Michael provides us insight into the main demand for tech support currently and why data security is more important than ever
  • An average week for a Franchisee
    Michael explains what the tasks and responsibilities are in an average week for a Franchisee
  • Franchise provider challenges
    Michael dissects what key challenges he and his team are faced with as tech support franchise providers
  • Tech Support’s current climate
    Michael explains if the market has responded well to tech support in the current climate
  • What experience do they look for in Franchisees
    Michael talks about what he is looking for in a potential franchisee and whether they need IT experience
  • The value of Computer Troubleshooters
    Michael tells us a few benefits their Franchisee’s get when working with them
  • What drives Michael
    Michael talks through what his key drivers are to grow Computer Troubleshooters and what he wants to see in the future
  • How to start a business or turn your existing one into a franchise
    Michael provides advice on how to begin your business ownership journey and what key things you need to know before moving into franchising it

Useful Links

About Computer Troubleshooters Australia

Computer Troubleshooters is Australia’s largest IT support franchise as part of the largest international network of locally owned and operated IT service franchise offices. Launched in 1997, Computer Troubleshooters has more than 180 franchise locations worldwide in over 6 countries. Since 1997 they have grown and evolved with the IT Services industry to provide their clients with cutting edge products and solutions tailored to fit the unique needs of small business and residential clients. Franchise owners are technology experts and have access to the resources of a a large international franchise network, giving them the ability to offer their clients customized technology solutions, products and competitive pricing. Franchises are locally owned, they can focus on delivering the highest level of personalized local service and building a long term trusted relationships. Franchisee’s aim to deliver to their clients on their brand promise of “Technology -Solved”. Core services:

  • On-Site Hardware & software support
  • Purchase installation & troubleshooting
  • Cloud Software implementation such as Office 365 planning, setup, migrations & ongoing management
  • Managed cyber security protection plans both for Business and Homes
  • Backup & data storage and Business continuity recovery service 
  • Hosted email support & services
  • Security Awareness training and assessments
  • IT hardware performance via maintenance, repair & protection
  • Unified Communications including Broadband & Wireless, and VoIP phone solutions
  • Network, security, installs and management 
  • Managed Services the outsourced solution for small to medium businesses
  • Cloud – consultancy, migration, & administration