Podcast: Ep#259 You can check all the boxes with a SelectCleaning franchise -Master Franchise Opportunity – and live the business dream (Ft. Mark Gilbert, Owner and Managing Director of SelectCleaning)

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Today on Eden Exchanges, we spoke to guest Mark Gilbert who is the owner and Managing Director at SelectCleaning Franchises, a provider of premium cleaning services in Australia and NZ. Listen as Mark chats about the SME sector in New Zealand and Australia, The SelectCleaning Business model, who the franchise is designed for, the challenges for the SME sector post-pandemic and why you should enquire about a SelectCleaning franchise today.

Discussion Points:

Mark Gilbert – Managing Director at SelectCleaning Franchises Australia and New Zealand
  • Background & Role in this Business
    I run this Business as a Managing Director, I wanted to work in Commercial Cleaning so we choose this business. We realise there is a Market for Home Cleaning. The standard is quite different for both home cleaning & Commercial Cleaning
  • How Australian Market Receive Select Cleaning Approach
    We started Master Franchise. We see a demand we expand this business with same model as New Zealand in Sydney, Melbourne & Adelaide .We see same Aspirations & Goals and the system mix those needs to it
  • Running Business In Pandemic
    Basically Hygiene control is a key to home Cleaning in any aspects. We try to look that everything is clean bathroom, Kitchens, Mask & gloves are must. Hygiene control is must in these times
  • What are the Influences which affect the market?
    Stop People coming to the borders they are not coming to the Country due to lockdown. Commercial cleaning would be consistent through economic cycles. There is no such negative thing in our service sector money is also good in Australia money is not an issue time is an issue in Australia.
  • Select Cleaning Master Franchise Opportunities
    Selling the Franchise and training the guys. The Training is very crucial

Useful Links

About SelectCleaning

SelectCleaning has been developed by one of the industry’s leading franchise operators to be the most attractive and rewarding master franchise and franchise opportunity available today in the home services market.

It is a well developed, dynamic franchise system that has worked hard to ensure that SelectCleaning’s master franchisees are able to go above and beyond to provide superior guarantees, support and ongoing satisfaction to their franchisees.

Master franchises develop local sales and marketing (there is plenty of demand out there) to deliver the work to the franchisees and oversee the operation in order to maximise their own royalties. They recruit, support and train franchisees. The key is enjoying talking to people and building relationships. SelectFranchising’s central services provide the core administration functions (including online systems) as well as all the training and branded materials appropriate for each operation.

The SelectCleaning model is designed to not only provide customers with consistent, quality service but also to ensure that all operators are security cleared and trained to the highest possible standards, with an emphasis on hygienic cleaning. Home cleaning is a business opportunity that’s “tailor-made” for master franchise owners. The home cleaning industry is experiencing rapid growth worldwide. SelectCleaning is a business that offers a wide range of people the ability to build their own businesses and lead a dedicated team with a tried and tested system.