Podcast: EP#256 The ActionCOACH Firm Partner Opportunity is great for anyone looking for a change with limitless potential (ft. Paul Henshall Partner Selection Manager for ActionCOACH)

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Today on Eden Exchanges, we spoke to Paul Henshall who is the Partner Selection Manager for ActionCOACH Franchises, a franchise providing premium consulting services for small to medium business. Listen as Paul delves his into history in the SME sector and his time at ActionCOACH, the firm partner business offer, the scalability of an opportunity, the growing need for ActionCOACH services in Australia and why you should enquire today

Discussion Points:

Paul Henshall – Selection Partner Manager at ActionCOACH
  • A brilliant fit
    Paul shares how he came to be involved with ActionCOACH and the opportunities that emerged
  • A global presence
    With a history spanning nearly 30 years, ActionCOACH is a proven methodology around the world
  • A need in the business community
    Paul explains the value offered by ActionCOACH firm partners to their clients
  • Business opportunities
    Australia represents exciting new prospects for the growth of ActionCOACH
  • An entrepreneurial mindset
    Paul describes ideal firm partner qualities
  • Wide business to business impact
    Each investor is encouraged to operate their territory in a way that bolsters many businesses simultaneously
  • Results-focused
    Paul outlines the point of difference that ActionCOACH offers
  • Support for firm partners
    Franchise owners undergo an extensive training program when they join the business
    What the difference is between US professional cleaning services and Australian cleaning services.
  • Internal communications
    The ongoing support of firm partners is served by internal communication platforms
  • A culture of continuous improvement
    Paul describes the company culture of ActionCOACH
  • Advancing with an evolving world
    ActionCOACH has a proven record of supporting businesses through various global and national impacts
  • Earning potential
    Paul delves into the financial possibilities of the business
  • In business for yourself
    Paul discusses the positive aspects of making your own decisions in business
  • A rewarding career
    ActionCOACH offers franchise owners more than just financial motivation for working in the business
  • Considering ActionCOACH?
    Advice for anyone considering an investment in ActionCOACH

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About ActionCOACH

ActionCOACH is the world’s leading business coaching franchise, dedicated to providing outstanding business coaching and mentoring to companies of all sizes. ActionCOACH has become one of the world’s fastest-growing franchises, with offices in over 80 countries, since its founding in 1993. Their goal is to enable ambitious entrepreneurs to be thriving business owners, to build more successful businesses, and to attract, grow and retain great teams within a booming company culture. ActionCOACH business coaches work with over 15,000 firms weekly, altering the lives of everyone involved with this firm.

By becoming a Franchise Partner with them you will help other entrepreneurs and business owners in your community grow, create jobs, and build a stronger economic picture in your hometown. You will be a part of an exclusive guaranteed business model that is recession-proof and provides extensive knowledge and experience. The business offers a wide range of products tailored to help small-to-medium businesses with marketing, sales, finance and team building providing its franchise partners with multiple revenue streams in the long term. Their franchise partners come from a variety of backgrounds, ranging from marketers to past business owners with a common love of learning and a desire to help others succeed. If you’re interested in establishing or furthering your career in the business coaching industry, this is the perfect opportunity. You’ll gain experience in coaching and business development under the guidance of the Master Franchise Partner. Success in this position entails a high level of job satisfaction, significant financial incentives, and ownership of your own business. When you invest in an ActionCOACH firm partner opportunity, you’re investing in the world’s #1 Business Coaching Franchise.