Podcast: Ep#254 Serving Up Growth And Profit The Competition Simply Can’t Handle, Join Us As We Unpack The Sandwich Chefs Franchise Business Model (Ft. Sandy Bozjuk Director Of Sandwich Chefs)

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On the latest episode of Eden Exchanges, we spoke to Sandy Bojczuk, the Director of the Sandwich Chefs franchise network. Listen as Sandy unpacks and discusses the Sandwich Chefs unique product and business offering, how COVID has influenced and propelled growth into the Sandwich Chefs business model, the amazing opportunities behind multi-store ownership and more.

Sandy Bojczuk – Director of Sandwich Chefs Franchises

Discussion Points:

  • The Sandwich Chefs story
    Sandy explains his role in the business and the growth of Sandwich Chefs so far
  • Variety by design
    Sandwich Chefs offers a wide variety of products to consumers as a point of difference in the market
  • Spoiled for choice?
    The merits and benefits of opening a new franchise in rural/regional Australia (where Australians are not spoiled for choice)
  • Food preparation technology
    With simple and effective cooking technology, Sandwich Chef’s can be run by anyone
  • Locations and specifications
    Sandy outlines the store types and locations of the current franchises
  • Store fit outs
    Sandwich Chefs store fit outs are adaptable to the individual needs of each business
  • Innovation through challenge
    The current COVID pandemic has launched Sandwich Chefs into the delivery and take away market – boasting some exciting results
  • Making a regional move
    Why regional areas are a source of great opportunity for the Sandwich Chefs franchise
  • Considered locations
    Sandy discusses the rigorous process involved in finding new sites
  • Building the store
    New stores are designed professionally and consistently with the final decision left to the franchisee
  • Franchise attributes
    Sandy explains the important qualities new franchisees should possess
  • Franchisee development
    Sandwich Chefs franchisees are supported in their professional growth and often achieve their personal goals
  • Initial investment
    Sandy goes into detail about the costs involved in becoming a Sandwich Chef franchisee
  • Making money from your business
    Sandy offers some sage advice for maximising your return on a Sandwich Chefs franchise
  • Costing products
    The Sandwich Chefs head office is heavily involved in enhancing supplier relations and costings of products for a highly successful business
  • A supportive environment
    Sandy outlines the positive, supportive, and balanced company culture of Sandwich Chefs
  • A leap of faith based on knowledge
    Advice for potential franchisees and investors

Useful Links

About Sandwich Chefs

Sandwich Chefs is growing fast. We’re the leading deli and carvery franchise in Australia and have a passion for serving high quality sandwiches and roasts to our customers. We’re looking for passionate people to join our franchise. Our roasts are slowed cooked and delicious. Our sandwiches are enjoyed by thousands every single week.

This is the beginning of a true story that formed a delicious partnership, driven by the desire to make the kind of sandwiches that people can’t make at home. After lots of questions and even more taste tests, they opened the first of many Sandwich Chefs stores. The trio don’t always agree on how to do things, except for when it comes to making sandwiches properly. This includes having fresh local produce delivered daily, sourcing artisan bread and making as much as possible from scratch, including 14 hour slow-roasted beef and crackling pork. Every chef at every Sandwich Chefs store lovingly makes each meal to order – just the way the customer likes it. With the help of their loyal customers, it took great mates to restore Australia’s faith in the humble sandwich.