Podcast: Ep#253 “I loved the business as a customer and as a franchisee I love it even more” (Ft. Nadene Weston-Cox, Franchisee for Ella Baché Joondalup WA)

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Today on Eden Exchanges, we spoke to Nadene Weston-Cox who is the Franchisee in Joondalup WA for Ella Baché, an iconic retail and spa salon franchise operating nationwide. Listen as Nadene delves into her professional background, the reason she became a franchisee, the point of difference in the market, the industry growth in Australia and insights on being a franchisee at Ella Baché

Nadene Weston-Cox Franchisee for Ella Baché Joondalup WA

Discussion Points:

  • A longstanding franchisee
    Nadene explains how her background in finance resourced her move into business ownership with Ella Baché
  • A focus on skincare
    Ella Baché’s skincare products are bespoke to the Australian conditions
  • Quality and passion
    Nadene explains what she sees as Ella Baché’s point of difference in the market
  • Tireless support
    Ella Baché head office initiatives and expertise provide extensive support for franchisees
  • A strong industry
    Nadene discusses the nature of the industry and the future potential of skincare businesses
  • A close-knit network
    A supportive, uplifting spirit underpins franchisee interactions for the best outcomes for all
  • Evolving with the industry
    Nadene notes that the industry is constantly changing in terms of technology, products, and client preference
  • Franchisee qualities
    A positive attitude and a love for the beauty industry is a must for any Ella Baché franchisee
  • Training and support
    Nadene notes that the training and support offered at a local and national level make Ella Baché one of the greatest companies to be a part of
  • Considering a franchise?
    Nadene offers some exciting advice to potential Ella Baché franchisees

Useful Links:

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About Ella Baché:

The Ella Baché philosophy of personalised skin care has been with them from the very beginning.

It was created by Madame Baché in Paris, 1936, a revolutionary cosmetic chemist who believed just as we are genetically different, the same holds true of our skin.

Her skincare philosophy was based on the belief that “because no two skins are alike”, every client’s skin is uniquely individual. Her immense passion for skin care has laid the foundations for who they are today.

Every employee you meet in these stores is a trained Ella Baché Skin Therapist, and carries on the Madame Baché philosophy into the future.

At Ella Baché, they’re committed to helping every individual feel confident in their skin. They do this by teaching them what their skin loves, using their expertise to create personalised, expert skin solutions for maximum results without the harm.

They’re innovative, established and trustworthy, and they want their brand to be customer focused, empowering and inclusive. Plus, they want to truly engage with their audience, whether they’re clients over 40, their new audience of women and men in their late 20s and early 30s, college students, or potential new franchisees.