Podcast: Ep#246 “‘Goop’, the simplest answer to surface protection coating.”(Ft. Kirstee Copley, Franchise Operations Manager at Goop Guys)

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Today on Eden Exchanges, we spoke to Kirstee Copley who is the Franchise Operations Manager at Goop Guys, a trademarked, surface protection franchise model that operates nationwide. Listen as Kirstee delves into the origins of the Goop name, explains what the Goop formula is, the franchise business model and the benefits of working in a niche and in demand industry.

Kirstee Copley – Franchise Operations Manager at Goop Guys

Discussion Points:

  • Becoming the franchise manager.
    Kirstee explains the series of events that led to her and her husband, Shane, founding the Goop Guys business.
  • Goop – Meeting a need.
    Kirstee outlines the way their innovative product protects surfaces during building activities.
  • More than a name.
    Formulated in the 1990s, and franchised in 2006, the name ‘Goop Guys’ was a collaborative effort.
  • Demand across the market.
    Kirstee elaborates on the main sources of demand for Goop Guys products and services.
  • A winning formula.
    A safe, easy-to-use, and effective product is the key to Goop Guys’ success.
  • Customised services.
    Kirstee outlines the various products offered by Goop Guys for different protection needs.
  • Franchise locations.
    With a current presence on the Eastern Coast of Australia and strong exports overseas, Kirstee discusses the current plans to continue to expand throughout Australia.
  • Franchisee qualities.
    A construction white card and great interpersonal skills are some of the requirements for franchisees.
  • Time for work and family.
    Kirstee discusses the flexibility on offer for business owners.
  • Training and support.
    A highly supportive and collaborative support system helps new franchisees find their feet.
  • Startup kit and ongoing support. 
    New franchisees are provided with the equipment, administration systems, and skills they need for success. 
  • Interested in becoming involved?
    Kirstee offers insightful advice for anyone thinking about investing in a Goop Guys franchise.

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About Goop Guys:

Goop Guys was established in 2001 and is Australia’s leading provider of temporary surface protection coating systems.  The quality of their products is unsurpassed and are in high demand in the building and construction industry. To meet the growing demand for Goop products, they are offering Franchise opportunities to Australians who can help them expand further by providing the highest level of service to match a product that is second to none. 

As a Goop Guys franchise owner, you will have the opportunity to learn from the industry leaders and at the same time benefit from their streamlined processes and large customer database. This opportunity is ideal for someone who is looking to start their own lifestyle business or find a business to mould and expand as their own.