Podcast: Ep#245 MindChamps Regional Expansion Empowering Rural Communities With Child Care Opportunities Across The Country (Ft. Doug Downer Director of Franchising and Development for MindChamps Australia)

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Today on Eden Exchanges we spoke to our returning guest Doug Downer who is the Director of Franchising and Development for MindChamps Australia, a premium franchise provider of early learning and preschool. Listen as Doug recaps on the MindChamps business model, the challenges of early learning and preschool in regional Australia, MindChamps’ move into Regional Victoria and the opportunity MindChamps provides their franchisees to grow a business in an untapped, in-demand market

Discussion Points:

Doug Downer- Director of Franchising and Development at MindChamps
  • Doug’s role in this unique business
    Doug relays the events leading up to him becoming the Franchise Manager for MindChamps, and why he saw an exciting opportunity with the business
  • Expansion plans
    With a new regional strategy, MindChamps can envision opening new sites in many currently underserviced locations outside metropolitan areas
  • Considering the data
    Doug outlines the comprehensive evaluation process that occurs when considering a new location
  • Regional opportunities
    Unlike other education services, MindChamps’ unique business model is well-suited to establishing successful sites in regional areas
  • Government support of Early Education
    Doug explains the funding and support provided by State and Federal Governments to improve and expand early education services in regional areas
  • An investment in research
    With pedagogy supported by educational research, Doug outlines the philosophy that underpins the MindChamps’ program
  • Regional strategy
    Doug discusses specific parameters of the franchise’s regional growth strategy, and the support provided to franchisees
  • Franchisee criteria
    A leader with a love of children and education would be an ideal franchisee
  • Advice for potential franchisee investment partners
    Doug offers guidance for potential MindChamps franchisees
  • A drive to succeed
    Doug attributes his daily motivation to his passionate belief in making a difference in the lives of the children and families in the communities that MindChamps services

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About the business

MindChamps grew from a passion for filling educational gaps and improving education practices around the world and a vision to provide the world’s best early childhood curriculum and care.  With our focus on the skills and strategies of learning, we emphasise teaching the ‘how to learn’ rather than the ‘what to learn’.

Based on a cutting-edge, scientifically researched curriculum, MindChamps works alongside international experts and draws inspiration and research from the domains of Education, Psychology, Neuroscience and Theatre. MindChamps is the only educational institute where world-renowned Neuroscientist Emeritus Professor Allan Snyder’s (Fellow of the Royal Society) empirical research of the revolutionary 3 Minds model of education – the Champion Mind, the Creative Mind and the Learning Mind – is uniquely built into the MindChamps curriculum. 

Founded in Sydney in 1998, we took our research to Singapore, possibly the most competitive and demanding educational environment in the world. Today, MindChamps’ breakthrough preschool curriculum is Singaporean parents’ No.1 choice.  

Now, returning home to Australia, MindChamps is dedicated to empowering each and every Aussie child to realise their full potential.