Podcast: Ep#236 “Simply Helping is a great opportunity for those willing to grow and put themselves out there” (Ft. Connie Klifunis and Natalie Tozer Franchisees for Simply Helping franchises)

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Today on Eden Exchanges we spoke to Connie Klifunis and Natalie Tozer, franchisees for Simply Helping in Central and Northern Melbourne. Listen as Connie and Natalie chat about the industry, the appeal of the franchise model, the opportunities to grow their business, operating in pandemic times and who would best suit a Simply Helping franchise opportunity. Listen on to discover more.

Connie Klifunis and Natalie Tozer, Franchisees for Simply Helping in Central and Northern Melbourne

Discussion Points:

  • Becoming involved
    Connie and Natalie outline their corporate and NDIS backgrounds and how this supports the work they do in their current franchisee roles
  • The right opportunity
    Connie explains the factors that made Simply Helping the obvious choice for their business journey
  • Differentiation
    An inclusive culture and robust presence in the market are just some of the aspects that Natalie views as a point of differentiation
  • A large franchise operation
    Each Simply Helping franchise has a large catchment area and a requirement for a large staff
  • Room to grow! 
    With a monthly increase in demand, Connie is confident that the business will continue to grow
  • Growing demand for some services
    Natalie outlines the specific services that are areas of demand at the moment
  • The impact of lockdowns
    Connie discusses the Victorian lockdowns and how this has affected their customer base and staff management
  • Evolving through the pandemic
    Connie explains the evolving practices implemented to ensure the staff and clients are protected from COVID
  • Focusing forward
    With a view towards post lockdown times, Natalie outlines the vision for the business moving into 2022
  • A people business
    Connie outlines the personality traits and professional skills an ideal franchisee would possess
  • Training and support
    Connie reveals the outstanding training and support offered by head office
  • Advice for potential franchisees
    Natalie and Connie offer some very wise and actionable advice for anyone who may be considering becoming a Simply Helping franchisee

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About Simply Helping

Simply Helping was founded by Angela Feery-Richards in Australia back in 1998. Angela has an extensive background in the health industry spanning 35 years as a health professional within the private and the public sector. Simply Helping has developed as a company of integrity to provide a suite of services to individuals and families using professional and trusted carers within an environment of caring and meeting the needs and wants of its clients.

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