Podcast: EP#206 Knowing When You Really Are Franchise Ready (Ft. Doug Downer, Director and Franchising Expert at Franchise Ready)

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Today on Eden Exchanges we spoke to Doug Downer – The Franchise Guy, who is the Director and Franchising Expert at Franchise Ready, one of the top 30 franchise executives in Australia for the past 3 years and has been recognised in the top 2% of business coaches globally. Listen as Doug highlights his successful background as a franchisee, franchisor and multi-franchise owner; his experience consulting as an expert, the highs and lows of the sector in recent years and what advice he has to offer for any business owner looking to franchise

Discussion Points:

Doug Downer – Director and Franchising Expert at Franchise Ready
  • The COVID effect on industries
    Doug highlights his observations of the franchising industry in Australia during and following the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns
  • The franchising road ahead
    Doug predicts where the franchising and small business sector is heading in Australia from March 2021 onwards
  • The make or break of a pandemic
    Doug delves into the make or break situation a global pandemic creates for small businesses and extraordinary businesses that survived and thrived throughout the economic turndown
  • The changing of priorities for business buying
    Doug talks about the current state of the franchise buyer and seller market in Australia, specifically the changing reasons to buy and sell and more
  • Financing and lending options moving forward
    How opportunities are opening up for new business ventures, clearer and easier to access financing streams for aspirational business owners and more clarity on lending in the marker from the big 4 banks
  • Authority figure on the subject
    What qualifies Doug as an authority figure on the franchising sector and expert on setting up and developing an existing franchise in multiple industry sectors
  • Checklists and methodolgy
    Doug lists his methodology for sufficient preliminary research into franchising and business development and the critical checklist all businesses should have before persuing a business growth strategy
  • Some good advice
    Doug offers some key advice for anyone looking to redevelop their existing business and what thought processes to follow
  • How to get in touch
    How to get in touch with Doug and enquire about your businesses potential to franchise

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About the business

Franchise Ready helps you develop a complete, successful franchise system. Our goal is to develop your systems and make sure that you have the right materials to scale and grow. We do this cost effectively.

We spend time with the business owner and key team members to understand the machinations of the business

  • We spend time with the business owner and key team members to understand the machinations of the business
  • We document your current processes
  • We create replicable systems and processes to grow your business across multiple locations

We have developed, launched, and supported over 50 franchise systems. We help businesses grow profitably to assist the business owner achieve their personal and business objectives.

We believe that every business should be “franchise ready” because it helps the business operate more effectively. Our process works for every business, whether you are a franchise or not yet.

We see ourselves like an extension of your team to help you grow and scale your business.