Podcast: Ep#185 “For me it is when they say ‘Harry Helper helped me’, it is a business that is helping everyone” – (Ft Nataly Tormey, Founder of Harry Helper)

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Today on Eden Exchanges we spoke to Nataly Tormey, who is the Founder and Director of Harry Helper and Parentmedic franchise businesses which are community-based education businesses inspiring children and parents to care and be prepared. Listen as Nataly delves into her background, describes what inspired the creation of Harry Helper, what is inspiring about the opportunity and how you can become immersed in the Harry Helper world.

Discussion Points:

Nataly Tormey – founder and Director of Harry Helper and Parentmedic
  • Background
    Nataly discusses her professional background, her current role and how she came to create the Harry Helper business
  • The sector
    Nataly chats about the community education sector in Australia and the different projects she is involved in
  • What is Harry Helper?
    Nataly explains in detail what Harry Helper is and what the program involves
  • The marketplace
    Explore the demand for community education services, learn about other community helper programs and why Harry Helper is a good business opportunity
  • How the program happens
    Nataly describes the steps involved in creating a Harry Helper program in your community, the role of a franchisee and how children and parents participate in the program
  • Stage of development
    Harry Helper’s position as a business opportunity, the way forward and what is needed to expand the business further
  • Why we need Harry Helper!
    Nataly explains why business ventures like Harry Helper are important for the futures of our children and why more parents and teachers should be more involved early on
  • Merchandise and more
    Discover what merchandise is currently available at Harry Helper, special new characters and extras included in the business model
  • Mentors and other fellow Harry Helper helpers
    Nataly describes the many people who help her develop the business, the community support available and much more
  • Achievements so far
    Hear what Nataly describes as the journey of Harry Helper and where she sees Harry Helper in the future with more helpers
  • The best thing about the Harry Helper world
    Nataly details what she thinks is best about operating in the community education sector and why she can’t stop smiling
  • A piece of advice 
    Nataly offers sound advice on becoming a franchisee and what to consider before jumping into the Harry Helper world

Useful Links:

Website / Business Profile / Facebook / Enquiries / Linkedin

About Harry Helper:

Imagine a generation of empathic, proactive, helpful young people, with the skills and confidence to make a difference. That’s what we’re doing – and we invite you to join us.

We’re giving children the confidence to help, through age-appropriate education in first aid, health and wellbeing. We are the only early learning education program delivering incursions for 3-5 year olds in health, first aid, safety and wellbeing.

We deliver this service through our network of Harry Helper businesses. We use a unique business model that empowers our business owners just as much as it empowers the children we teach.

Harry Helpers are franchise businesses run by passionate educators who’ve completed rigorous training.