Podcast: Ep#178 Fireproofing Your Future With An FCF Fire & Electrical Franchise Opportunity (Ft. Jacob Foster, Founder And MD At FCF Fire & Electrical)

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Today on Eden Exchanges we spoke to Jacob Foster who is the founder and managing director of FCF Fire & Electrical in Australia, a service franchise providing fire and electrical services for all safety requirements as per legislation standards across Australia. Listen as Jacob delves into his background, why he created the franchise, the unique offering of the model, the high tech world of FCF Fire & Electrical and what makes the business such a great opportunity to get involved with.

Discussion Points:

Jacob Foster – Founder and Managing Director at FCF Fire & Electrical in Australia
  • Background
    Jacob discusses his background, current role and how he came to create the franchise
  • The business
    Jacob explains the business model, as well as the serviceability and the application of the business
  • The customers
    Jacob discusses who FCF Fire & Electrical customers are and who would greatly benefit from the FCF Fire & Electrical franchise
  • The market
    The market for fire safety and training services like FCF Fire & Electrical and how the business compares to the available offerings in the Australian market
  • Focus and growth
    Where Jacob plans to expand the business in Australia and how each franchise operates and delivers
  • The future in tech
    What the future will hold for the franchise and the technology trends developing in the market in the near future
  • Training and support
    What training and support a new franchisee can expect to receive from the FCF Fire & Electrical team
  • Change and development
    Jacob delves into how the business has changed since its debut 12 years ago and how he plans to develop the business model
  • A piece of advice 
    Jacob offers some piece of advice on becoming a franchisee with FCF Fire & Electrical and what to expect when entering the franchising sector

Useful Links:

Facebook / LinkedIn / Website / Company profile

About the business:

FCF Fire & Electrical is the leading fire protection company with innovative technology focused around customer experience and also cutting customer costs while maintaining the Australian standards and compliance.

FCF Fire & Electrical helps your business ensure it is 100% fire safety compliant. We know all the latest laws and regulations that Australian businesses are required to adhere to in order to ensure they are fire safe. We supply, service and maintain fire safety equipment, ensuring that it is up to standard and fully operational should there be a fire emergency at your Australian business. We also work with businesses to draft up fire evacuation plans and provide electrical service, such as emergency lighting installation and servicing.