Podcast: Ep#175 “When the technology changes, ATMs go mobile” (Ft. Jenny Marsh, Director of ATM2GO Franchises)

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Today on Eden Exchanges we spoke to Jenny Marsh, who is the Director of ATM2GO, a modern day mobile ATM service franchise available across Australia. Listen as Jenny delves into her career prior to ATM2GO, the story of why ATM2GO was created, what the business has to offer and who would suit an ATM2GO franchise business.

Discussion Points:

Jenny Marsh – Director of ATM2GO
  • Background
    Jenny discusses her and her husband’s unique background and how a turn of events started the ATM2GO franchise
  • The business
    Jenny explains the business model, as well as the serviceability and application of ATM2GO for events and private hire
  • The customers
    Jenny discusses who ATM2GO’s target audience is, where the franchises are located at who would greatly benefit from a mobile ATM
  • Starting the ATM trend
    Jenny talks about how the business developed into a franchise and what interest the business has been experiencing from the local event organisers
  • Training and support
    What training and support a new franchisee can expect to receive from the ATM2GO team and fellow franchisees
  • A growing business with insurance
    The potential for growth of the franchise, and the insurances the legal team at ATM2GO offer to franchisees for peace of mind
  • Changing technologies
    How the banks are defining the cashless era in Australia and how ATM2GO will always be in demand at cash-only events and venues
  • Her future plans
    Jenny discusses where she envisions the franchise in a couple of years and how her team is helping her reach them
  • Loving the job
    What Jenny loves about her role and what she loves about the business
  • A piece of advice 
    Jenny offers some piece of advice on becoming a franchisee with ATM2GO and what to expect when entering the mobile ATM business

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When Andrew and Jenny first launched the business, it was with a wealth of industry knowledge. Andrew had been involved with selling the first ‘white label’ (non-bank) ATMs in Australia in the late 1990s.

Andrew and Jenny’s first event was the Eumundi Markets in April 2011. There was also an enquiry to buy a trailer, which later turned into the first ATM2GO franchisee. With 17 franchisees now running under the ATM2GO banner, the number of events that ATM2GO has attended over the last eight years is in the thousands.

There is a great deal of experience in the team and each franchisee takes pride in providing clients with an exceptional customer service experience. This, coupled with reliable machinery, has seen the business grow from strength to strength.