Podcast: Ep#165 “MindChamps franchisees share a common love for children, education and a love for adventure” (Ft. Doug Downer, Franchising Director at MindChamps)

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Today on Eden Exchanges we spoke to Doug Downer who is the Franchising Director at MindChamps, an early learning and development franchise offering enrichment programmes to support children’s learning and development around the world. Listen as Doug delves into his role at MindChamps, the story of how the business came about, the different elements of the business and much, much more. Listen on to find out more.

Discussion Points:

Doug Downer – Franchising Director at MindChamps
  • Professional background
    Doug’s background in the sector and his current role at MindChamps
  • What is MindChamps?
    Doug describes MindChamps’ mission and how it came about
  • What is MindChamps’ philosophy?
    How the business works and what MindChamps’ philosophy is
  • Who is MindChamps designed for?
    Doug identifies who MindChamps was designed for and where it fits in the market
  • Australian expansion plans
    Doug talks about MindChamps 21 existing franchises in Sydney and where they are focusing their expansion
  • Is their training and experience required?
    What prerequisites MindChamps requires of each of their franchisees and the value of experience and local knowledge
  • Milestones and goals
    Doug discloses some of the milestones MindChamps have hit and the future goals the company is aiming towards
  • What is required of a franchisee?
    The expectations of best practice required by each franchisee and the core values of MindChamps reflected through each member of the team
  • Work life balance
    MindChamps’ philosophy towards seeking a work-life balance in the business and why it is so important
  • How to get started with MindChamps
    How to get involved with the business and help to improve the future of kids in Australia and around the world

Useful links

About the business

MindChamps was created from the belief that every child is born with the potential to be a champion. After decades of research into early learning pedagogy, neuroscience and child psychology, and drawing upon the engagement techniques of theatre, MindChamps has crafted a new approach to early learning that is designed to equip the children of today with the foundations for future success. 

Founded in Sydney in 1998, we took our research to Singapore – possibly the most competitive and demanding educational environment in the world – to measure our new approach against the more traditional models. Armed with strong conviction and the backing of some of the world’s leading educators, scientists and literacy experts, MindChamps is now recognised as Singapore’s leading provider of premium preschool care. 

Now, returning to Australia, MindChamps is dedicated to helping each and every Aussie kid realise their true potential.