Podcast: Ep#161 “YB12 is basically a business in a box, it was everything I was looking for” (Ft. Brad Andersen, Master Coach at YB12)

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Today on Eden Exchanges we spoke to Brad Andersen, Master Coach at YB12. Brad discusses how he first got started with YB12, what his initial driving force was behind joining the business, what a new trainer can expect when joining and how the training concept has been received by the clients he’s worked with.

Discussion Points:

Brad Andersen, Master Coach at YB12
  • Professional background
    Brad’s move into coaching drawing on his own experiences and challenges in life.
  • Vision and mission
    Wanting to make a difference in people’s lives and helping them get through obstacles.
  • Why YB12
    A business in a box. Reasonable price, ongoing support and a step by step marketing approach.
  • Point of difference
    YB12’s unique content and material that’s developed in Australia for Australian businesses and individuals.
  • Marketing approach
    Brad explains YB12’s high conversion rates through targeted marketing, and a trusted and proven marketing formula.
  • Who are your clients?
    A mix of individuals, small public groups and larger teams in companies.
  • Global expansion
    YB12’s move to New Zealand, the UK, Canada, South East Asia, as well as the United States.
  • Who would become a good YB12 trainer
    The qualities and interests in someone that would make for a good YB12 trainer.

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About YB12

YB12 is a full-service training company, offering consultancy opportunities for aspiring and experienced public speakers, coaches, and business advisors. From one-on-one training to comprehensive business advisory services, YB12 is all about helping clients have the best year of their lives.

YB12’s history is long and successful, with 25-years of experience with more than 200,000 people having already attended workshops, introductory seminars or one-on-one training sessions.