Podcast: Ep#157 “We provide a primary role in supporting our customers and unlock their potential” (Paul Adolphi Founder & MD of Medimart – Australia’s leading medical and mobility aid support retailer)

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Today on Eden Exchanges we spoke to Paul Adolphi who is the Founder and Managing Director for Medimart, a medical and mobility aid support retailer in Australia. Listen as Paul describes his journey leading to the creation of the Medimart business, reasons behind the application of Medimart, how the business has grown and what Paul has planned for the future with Medimart. Listen on to find out more.

Discussion Points:

Paul Adolphi – Founder and Managing Director of Medimart
  • Professional background
    Paul explores his professional background and his current role at Medimart
  • Business inception
    Paul describes the idea behind Medimart and how he came to the stage in his life that made him want to start a new venture as a business owner
  • Years in the business sector
    Paul lists his experiences that helped to create Medimart and how it came into fruition
  • Not spoiled for choice with NDIS
    Paul challenges anyone to find a business like Medimart in Australia who offer the same and compare the businesses
  • Guarantees and quality service
    Paul delves into the different offerings of Medimart and how he aims to unlock our NDIS potential in Australia
  • Focus and growth
    Where Paul is focusing his attention for growth opportunity and exploration into new and additional services
  • New technology and service
    Paul delves into new services and new technologies to be launched in early 2020 that with better customise and improve Medimart’s service offerings and the right fit to the right product
  • Who would suit a franchise?
    Paul highlights the best characteristics that make for good business owner and that good feeling when you match the right person to the right product and service
  • A simple piece of advice
    What Paul thinks is the most important thing you should consider before becoming a small business owner and talks about becoming an entrepreneur at 50 years of age and over.

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About the business

The Medimart Group is positioned to be the leading healthcare brand destination for people living with injury, illness or disability across Australia. They aim to make life better for people with acute or chronic conditions and age-related health issues, including mobility, hearing and sleep problems. Through retail and online stores they provide medical, mobility and disability products and on-site clinical services including audiology, sleep therapy and podiatry. They believe in a better quality of life for people who need a little help.

They support the NDIS and healthcare professionals like GPs, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and local area health experts by providing their patients with guidance on the best product for their needs.