Podcast: Ep#141 Building up your business with RedKem (Ft Jared Kemp, Founder and Director of RedKem Construction Franchises)

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Today on Eden Exchanges we spoke to Jared Kemp, who is the founder and Director for Redkem constructions franchises. Listen as Jared delves into his background in the residential construction sector, the future of home ownership in Australia, trends in renovations and construction to look out for and the competitive advantage of owning a Redkem constructions franchise. Listen to discover more.

Jared Kemp – Founder and Director of RedKem constructions franchises

Discussion Points:

  • Background
    Professional background and interest in the residential construction sector
  • What is RedKem Constructions
    What is RedKem Constructions and how does it work
  • Trends and insights
    Why it is a good time to be getting into the residential construction sector and the biggest trends to zone in on
  • The business model like no other
    RedKem’s online 24/7 access business model for clients and more
  • Construction versus construction
    What sets RedKem apart from other construction businesses in the Australian building and renovation sector
  • The greatest demand
    Where Jared is seeing the most demand for RedKem Construction services and who the target market is
  • Development and home improvement
    How Jared plans to develop the business in the future and what Jared is looking forward to as the next business challenge
  • Key achievements and loving the business
    What Jared highlights as his greatest achievements as the founder and what drives him to keep going
  • How to get in touch
    How to enquire about a franchise opportunity near you or to make contact with the head office team

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Company Profile / Listings

About the Business

Why build with RedKem? As a small building company we are mindful of the number of projects we undertake, ensuring all our resources go into your project and we don’t compromise on our award winning quality workmanship. Over two generations, we have hand picked our small team of licensed tradesmen who pride themselves on the attention to detail that ensures we hand over your project to your exact specification. 

Stress free building experience.. We’ve heard the building horror stories, Terrible communication, Budget blowouts and the question ‘When is our project actually going to be finished?’  That is why we provide you with our 24/7 online client access where you will have colour and product selections, schedules, budget tracking and much more at your fingertips during your whole project. Giving you peace of mind and ensuring we execute your project to the exact specifications you provide.