Podcast: Ep#134 The Future Looks Bright For Solar Run (ft. Robert Nemarich Franchisee for Brighton VIC)

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Today on Eden Exchanges we spoke to Robert Nemarich, the franchisee for the Brighton and bayside area for Solar Run, a franchise dedicated to solar renewable energy. Listen as Robert delves into the journey of Solar Run as a quality solar renewable franchise, the trends for the market and what it means to be a franchisee with Solar Run.

Discussion Points:

Robert Nemrich- Franchisee for Solar Run Brighton and surrounding areas
  • Background
    Professional background and interest in the solar sector
  • Solar Run
    What is Solar Run and how does it work
  • A business selling the local appeal
    The client experience, what Solar Run offers and caters for.
  • A brighter future in renewable energy franchising
    The Government rebate and the selling points of solar power
  • The product
    Solar Run as a product and a service
  • The dedication to customers
    Why Robert chose the Solar Run franchise
  • The love of helping others save money
    Why Robert loves the business and the opportunity
  • The early birds way to success
    Why now is the right time to get on board
  • How to get in touch
    How to enquire about a franchise opportunity near you or to make contact with the head office team

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About The Business

Solar Run is bringing homeowners a simple, affordable way to power their homes with the sun, and to get control back of their energy. Our passion is to help Australians become more energy independent.

After a tumultuous 10 years of constant power company price increases, black-outs and coal-fired power plant failures, we’re seeing more Australians searching for a better solution. Recent statistics from the Clean Energy Council tell us people are paying nearly $1500 a year on their energy bills because electricity prices are so high. It’s no wonder solar panels are going up on rooftops around the country at a lightning pace.

We call this the solar revolution, and Solar Run are ready to provide Australians with solar panels, solar hot water, solar battery storage and LED lighting to bring their energy bills down.

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