Podcast Ep#128: “You can do whatever you want with it, the potential is endless!” (ft. Helen and Nick Galik, owners of Rosemount property and day spa

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Today on Eden Exchanges we spoke to Helen and Nick Galik, owners of Rosemount property and day spa in Hepburn Springs. We discuss Helen and Nick’s journey with Rosemount, the endless potential of this opportunity and the nature of the luxury and tourism industry in Hepburn Springs. We also delve into the finer details of what is included in the sale of the business, as well as the lifestyle that is enjoyed by those who operate Rosemount.

Discussion Points

Helen and Nick Galik, owners of Rosemount Property and Day Spa
  • “Fresh air and good country life”
    What inspired Nick and Helen to move from Melbourne to Hepburn Springs and start their own business at Rosemount
  • The finer details
    What is included in the sale of this diverse and lucrative property
  • Location, location, location
    The unique draw of Hepburn Springs and how it continues to increase in demand, size and prosperity
  • A growing industry
    The health and wellbeing and tourism industries have swelled in size in Hepburn Springs with no sign of slowing
  • An opportunity for anybody
    Helen and Nick firmly believe that anybody could take this business and make it their own, the possibilities are endless
  • “You create your own lifestyle, that’s the best thing”
    Helen and Nick describe their lifestyle for the last 26 years as the owners of Rosemount and how no two days are the same
  • Technology
    The benefits of advances in technology and the importance of a personal touch in the service industry
  • Best advice and getting in touch
    What anybody interested in this property should know and why you should enquire today

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