Podcast: Ep#120 “It’s the satisfaction of being able to find a solution and help someone out” (feat. Rod Berryman and John Giovannetti from Flexible Capital)

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Today on Eden Exchanges we spoke to Rod Berryman and John Giovannetti from Flexible Capital. Rod and John discuss their professional journeys before founding Flexible Capital, what drove the creation of the business and how Flexible Capital is assisting those in need of financial solutions. They also discuss the current financial climate and how that has affected businesses and individuals in search of capital.

John Giovannetti (left) and Rod Berryman (right) – leadership team for Flexible Capital

Discussion Points:

  • Background
    Rod’s background in finance combined with John’s varied experience in engineering and running a construction business before entering into the financial industry.
  • Creation of the business
    Creating a “one-stop shop” to fill a gap in the financial market.
  • The current climate of the financial sphere
    How this is impacting lending from the big banks to the small business owner, and how to navigate these market fluctuations.
  • The banking royal commission
    How this has specifically impacted finance, lenders and those seeking financing.
  • Financing education
    The importance of educating those in need of capital in order to secure the best financial solution possible.
  • Journey with Flexible Capital
    A more detailed look into the process with Flexible Capital as somebody who is seeking funding for the purchase of a business.
  • The challenges and the vision
    Hurdles they’ve come across and where Rod and John see themselves in the future with their business.
  • Best advice and getting in touch
    How best to obtain the best financial solution possible and what you need to make an enquiry with Flexible Capital.

Useful Links

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About Flexible Capital

Flexible Capital’s long standing relationships and experience ensures an ability to source the best finance facility for each client, in both the commercial and domestic space. With a client base that ranges from small sole traders, up to ASX listed companies, size is no restriction.

Be it a new vehicle, a business cashflow solution, or funding for a new property, Flexible Capital will find the right solution for you. With options ranging from major banks for prime lending, to non-bank lenders for non-conforming credit impaired clients, their wide range of lenders have a product for every situation.

If you are looking to start or grow your own business and are looking for the best way to secure the financing you need, we encourage you to get in touch with. Click here to make an enquiry with Flexible Capital today!