Podcast: Ep#104 Accounting for Work-Life Balance with a Franchise Opportunity (Ft. Shereen Ghali Franchisee for EzyAccounts Melbourne, Victoria)

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Today on Eden Exchanges we spoke to Franchisee Shereen Ghali of EzyAccounts Victoria. When Shereen, and her family, moved to Australia from New Zealand she found an opportunity to provide for her family and achieve a work life balance.

 Listen to discover more about Shereen’s franchising journey.

Shereen Ghali- EzyAccounts franchisee for Melbourne, Victoria

Discussion Points: 

  • Background
    Shereen’s professional background and her move to Australia from New Zealand
  • Looking for a franchise
    Looking for an opportunity to franchise and discovering the EzyAccounts advertisement
  • Why EzyAccounts?
    Shereen highlights the main reasons why she chose EzyAccounts over other franchises
  • The clients
    Shereen identifies he types of clients she works with
  • A day in the life
    Shereen’s work life balance and her workload of a given day
  • Loving what you do
    What Shereen loves about being an EzyAccounts franchisee and what she likes about the business
  • Advice for a would be franchise
    What Shereen would say to a prospective EzyAccounts franchisee
  • How to get in touch
    The best way to enquire about a franchise and how to contact her

Useful links

About EzyAccounts

EzyAccounts is a national network of accounting professionals providing services to small and medium size businesses. Franchisees gain access to an established and proven business model together with training/coaching and ongoing support.

We expect our franchisees to be skilled and confident accounting professionals, not expert sales people. Which is why when you join, we offer a client acquisition package with the potential for $100,000 in client billing annually. This helps you to progressively develop your client base whilst you have time to focus on delivering client services and generating referrals.

We have a team of business development and digital marketing professionals who will dedicate their time to client acquisition. We know our marketing works to bring in new leads. Rest assured we train and coach you prior to every consultation to ensure that you can confidently follow the meeting procedure.