Podcast: Ep# 80 Cleaning Under The Urban Clean Banner (ft. Sonia and Raminder Urban Clean franchisees for Brisbane’s Inner North)

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Eden Exchanges is on tour! Today we are on location in Brisbane at the Windsor Bowling Club for the Urban Clean national conference. We spoke to Sonia and Raminder Singh franchisee partners for Brisbane’s inner North. Find out about how Sonia and Reminder changed from independant cleaning business owners to Urban Clean franchisees. Listen on to hear great insights as they lists the benefits of cleaning under the Urban Clean banner.

Sonia and Raminder Singh- Franchisees for Urban Clean in Brisbane’s Inner North

Discussion Points

  • Background
    Sonia and Raminder’s backgound as contracted cleaners
  • Moving on to small business
    Changing from Contract cleaners into an independant small business in Brisbane
  • Just Googling
    Finding Urban Clean and enquiring about a business opportunity
  • What is Urban Clean?
    How the business works and who the clients are
  • Sticking to it
    The appreciation for the business and why they have never looked back
  • Why Urban Clean?
    The unique business model that is Urban Clean and the benefits each franchisee recieves
  • Adaptability
    How Urban Clean teaches you to work for yourself and shows you how to find your own contracts
  • Still keeping our Independence
    Urban cleans guidelines of business and the freedoms as a franchisee
  • Who suits it best?
    Sonia and Raminder’s experience so far and the types of people who work best with the business model

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    About Urban Clean

    Since franchising the business in 2014, over 80 franchisees have joined Urban Clean. Urban Clean has established a national footprint and cleans offices, gyms and medical centres throughout Australia.

    An Urban Clean business targets the profitable segment of the commercial cleaning market. The service is designed directly around this target market and uses industry only technology and systems to deliver on customers’ unique needs. Our sales system to secure new cleaning contracts is unique and second to none in the industry.

    The commercial cleaning industry is huge. Billions of dollars get spent every year, to keep businesses clean. A commercial cleaning business is a truly great way to earn flexible extra income after hours.

    We invite you to explore this exciting opportunity. The Urban Clean team  look forward to meeting you in person in the near future.
    Click here to enquire now.