Podcast: Effort Equals Reward (ft. Warren Ballantyne from Gutter-Vac)

Warren Ballantyne from Gutter-Vac

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In this episode of Eden Exchanges we spoke to Warren Ballantyne, the Managing Director of Gutter-Vac, a leading, long-standing franchise in the business of cleaning gutters. Warren shared his insights on the world of franchising, talked through how to be a successful franchisees, and future goals for the company.

Key Points

  • What Gutter-Vac does
  • How long the business and franchise has been running
  • Why they chose franchising path of franchising
  • Responsibility of franchises and importance of the franchisees
  • What it’s like to become a franchisee
  • What Warren looks for in a franchisee
  • The training process and support
  • A lucrative opportunity
  • Motivations and lifestyles choices of franchisees
  • Where the demand for the service is coming from
  • Safety courses and equipment
  • What locations Gutter-Vac is focusing on
  • Franchising industry in Australia getting stronger and stronger
  • An evolving franchise that is constantly learning and growing
  • How Gutter-Vac holds up in a recession
  • Key goals and milestones in the next year
  • International franchising plans with Outback Guttervac
  • Reaching out to Gutter-Vac and next steps

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Gutter-Vac is an exciting business opportunity that is perfectly positioned in the booming home services industry. The Gutter-Vac Franchise is constructed upon a reliable foundation of simple, innovative and proprietary equipment, operational systems and procedures.
A Gutter-Vac franchise provides you, the franchisee; with access to vital knowledge that has been developed and improved through our 80+ Australian locations. Gutter-Vac’s industry experience and business tools that assist you in establishing and growing a profitable, scalable Gutter-Vac location that will suit your professional goals and lifestyle.
With Gutter-Vac you receive all of the small business benefits, that include big business systems and resources. Gutter-Vac offers an exclusive territory, quality products and services, comprehensive training and resources, along with our award winning franchise support, marketing expertise and superior business systems.
To view their latest franchise opportunities please click here or call 07 3357 6270 for a confidential discussion.