Podcast: A Global Franchise Network Cleaning Up in Australia (ft. Lachlan Mitchell from Chem-Dry)

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Lachlan Mitchell from Chem-Dry

In this episode of Eden Exchanges we spoke to Lachlan Mitchell from franchising veterans Chem-Dry. Lachlan told us how the company has gone from strength to strength over the last 30 years which, alongside its excellent products, has driven Chem-Dry to a top spot in the franchising world.

Key Points

  • What inspired the creation of the company and how it’s grown
  • How has the style of franchisee changed from back in the day?
  • About the product and what makes it so successful
  • Who makes a good franchisee for Chem-Dry
  • The next steps of getting a new recruit on board
  • What the market for Chem-Dry is like – domestic and commercial
  • How Chem-Dry holds up in a recession
  • Trends in the home services sector that Chem-Dry has adapted to
  • Backgrounds of franchisees
  • Vision for the business
  • How to reach out if you’re interested in a franchise with Chem-Dry

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About Chem-Dry Australia

Chem-Dry has been in business for over 30 years, since 1977, and is the largest carpet cleaning franchise in the world. For over 20 of those years, Chem-Dry have been listed as the top rated cleaning business by Entrepreneur Magazine as well as the #1 ranked franchise in Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 in the carpet cleaning category for 2013. Chem-Dry is a green certified company, meaning they strive to provide the safest clean for you and your family as well as the environment. If you’re interested in learning all about business and Chem-Dry like the right fit for you, please click here.