Money Down the Drain and Seeking a Solution?

A dripping tap can cause corrosion, mould and rot.

Home-owners can be intimidated by the thought of plumbing maintenance, and even the most experienced handy person can find it a fiddly, time-consuming job; all too often the easy way out is to pay for an expensive plumber.

According to Darren Clancy, specialist plumber and founder of Pipe Perfection Plumbers, 30% of new homeowners see their dream property turn into a nightmare because they didn’t notice plumbing problems before making their purchase. After the lengthy process of moving in, the daunting prospect of maintaining their home begins, and outsourcing jobs around the home may seem to be the only solution. One of the most common and biggest hassles homeowners report having to deal with is fixing leaky or dripping taps.

Figures show that the average Australian plumber charges $78.40 an hour. With every drip of every leaking tap, Aussies are spending hundreds of their hard-earned dollars and part of the pain of all this spending is the time customers spend waiting for the job to get done.

But there is an affordable answer. Quoss offers an efficient, cost-effective system, recommended by DIY home-owners and expert plumbers alike. In almost every situation, Quoss products have the low-cost solution.

Internationally Patented Technology

Quoss’ unique, internationally patented technology includes the Reno Transformer Series – a simple, affordable technology transforming old, dripping taps into modern, fashionable single-lever mixers.

The Reno system provides an inexpensive and stylish solution to leaking showers and dripping bathroom taps. Walls remain undamaged, tiles remain in one piece and pipes will not have to be changed or reconnected.



Time-Saving and User-Friendly Engineering

Each Quoss Transformer product comes with a comprehensive installation guide, written in layman’s terms for novice plumbers of all proficiencies to understand.

There is no need to feel intimidated by the Quoss Reno Transformer shower or mixer taps; using a drill-free rail bar system, they’re easy to install, equally as simple to dismantle, and leave no unsightly evidence of repair.

The Quoss technology is compatible with bathrooms of almost any shapes or sizes and to any two-tap system in Australia. This technology is tried and true, and has an international patent; no other do-it-yourself product can claim such unique and cost-effective engineering.

Be Your Own Quoss Boss

Traditionally, Quoss is a wholesale business, providing bathroom products to retailers. An exciting development is that, over the last ten months, they’ve added a franchise arm to the business.


Stylish and user-friendly

Quoss has already negotiated on a national level leases in shopping centres with some of the most renowned shopping centres. These franchises are strategically positioned retailed shops based in high volume shopping centres; prominent visibility to foot traffic provides customers to Quoss that may not otherwise notice and take advantage of the brand.

With the security of eight years of design and development expertise behind them, Quoss will endorse the franchisee’s store by depositing $2,200 (including GST) into their account for the first six months. This is a massive benefit during the orientation phase, designed to alleviate approximately half of the rent expenses.

Current franchisees have performed extremely well since purchasing their stores, and all of them have made well over $2,000 in profits on the opening week.

The price of purchasing a store includes $20,000 for display furnishing, $10,000 in stock credit and $13,200 in endorsements, while the franchisee responsible for the cost of leasing that is required to be paid to the shopping centre. So, for those who are willing to take the risks, Quoss want to help reduce the burden as much as they can while franchisees establish a strong foundation.

The franchisee will be in control of their own retail store, as well as selling the products, but there is an opportunity to create extra revenue by installing the product. This may require some evening work, but working for oneself can mean that hours are flexible.

However, the installation part of the business is not compulsory, the franchisee may choose to work with a plumber or someone else they trust. An installation can earn the franchisee between $100 and $130 per unit.

Perfect for DIY projects

This is terrific value when compared with any other franchise out there. To ease this load, Quoss management are dealing with a number of prominent shopping centre brands on a national level with the specific aim of lowering the cost of the lease. Because of their growing relationship with these centres, the cost for leasing is approximately $1,100 to $1,500, which is about 50% lower than the average going rate.

Although this franchise is in its infancy, it is wonderfully placed to grow and has proved to be a bargain for the price.

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