MindChamps Franchise Opportunity – ACT

Becoming a MindChamps Franchisee is a great opportunity, particularly for people who are passionate about children and providing quality care and preparation for future life through early education.

  • Our proven model that has been developed over the past 20 years and has seen us operate successfully in more than 6 countries with nearly 100 centres and satisfied franchise partners
  • Our expert team will draw on their considerable knowledge of operating a Child Care business in Australia to assist with every aspect of establishing and running your centre
  • An industry that is projected to continue growing at over 7% until 2022 and beyond


MindChamps was initially established as a research institute, with the goal of ‘filling the gaps’ that exist in education worldwide. Its intent is to give every child the opportunity to become the best they can be by developing the ‘Champion Mindset’. 

As an educational institute that continually endeavours to remain ahead of the curve, MindChamps invests in innovative research, development, and training, so that children have access to quality curriculum, teachers and resources. As a result, it has grown rapidly to take the number one position in the premium range of Singapore preschools, with 38% of the total market share. 

Now, MindChamps is taking its unique educational approach global, with the opening of MindChamps PreSchool centres in a range of different countries including China, the Philippines, the UAE, Vietnam, and now, Australia. 

In Australia, we now operate 21 MindChamps Early Learning Centres across Sydney. Visit the Our Locations page to get more information about current MindChamps centres.

As part of our growth and expansion plan, we are currently looking for expressions of interest from like-minded individuals for opportunities to become a MindChamps franchisee in Australia. 


MindChamps was founded in 1998 as a research centre in Australia and, in 2002, it established its World Head Institute in Singapore. Its cutting edge ‘Learning How to Learn’ and ‘Champion Mindset’ programmes introduced a unique approach to learning, and MindChamps rapidly grew to become a leader in the field of enrichment programmes for primary to tertiary students. 

Right from the beginning, it was founder CEO David Chiem’s vision to make a difference in the lives of children by providing the best in early childhood curriculum and care. He understood that many of the challenges faced by school-going children could be traced back to their early childhood years. By synthesising and distilling more than 10 years of extensive research in enrichment programmes, Mr Chiem and his team developed a pre-school curriculum that rapidly grew to its current industry position. Now, the MindChamps movement is here in Australia. 


Becoming a MindChamps Franchisee is a great opportunity, particularly for people who are passionate about children and preparing children for future life through education whilst providing the best possible care for children and keen to manage and run their own business. We are looking for candidates who will help to build our premium brand within Australia, and to embrace our core values of Heart, Integrity, Prosperity, Growth and Expansion. 

*Approved Providers will be subject to a full Police and Working with Children Check Site 


Site Recommendation and Assessment 

  • Our expert team will draw on their considerable knowledge of the Child Care Industry in Australia to assist with the selection and recommendation of appropriate sites within the franchisee’s chosen location
  • Assistance with site identification, negotiation of key terms with developers and property owners
  • Full support will be given to help secure the chosen site and to fit-out the site to the required specs for a MindChamps Early Learning Centre

 Training and Staff 

  • You will benefit from our well-established systems and support team that will be there to support you every step of the way, from onboarding, training, centre opening and ongoing support through field visits and ongoing phone contact.
  • Your team will benefit from up to 200 hours of proprietary training at our educators academy, this is over and above the formal training that they complete to enter the industry.
  • A comprehensive training program for up to 10 key personnel and the franchise partner completing up to 200 hours of our proprietary training (Champion Gold Standard)


Marketing is about creating awareness for your brand and building trust, never is this more important than when dealing with children.

At MindChamps everything we do is marketing our brand and what we stand for, but we have a highly skilled marketing team that works closely with our franchise partners to ensure we communicate the attributes of the MindChamps brand, and we deliver that through our strategic marketing plan and calendar of events.

We don’t have a cooperative marketing fund, MindChamps covers the cost of brand marketing and our franchise partners invest in marketing in their primary trade area through local area marketing activity.

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