Keep the Heat out this Christmas with Double Glazing

Around this time every year we start seeing the repeat Christmas movies on free to air and our streaming networks are airing ‘Love actually’ & ‘Elf’ again. These films always depict that classic white winter wonderland that Australians simply don’t associate with Christmas. After all we are most likely to experience scorching heat waves topping 40 degrees Celsius in some states or other states being muggy with 70-90% humidity.

Post Christmas seems to be the favourite  time of year for utility companies with skyrocketing power bills the norm.  A solution people often overlook in Australia is double glazing. Typically, double-glazing is often thought to be for colder climates and is popular across Europe, America and New Zealand. The reality is that  double glazing reflects heat away from your property, thus making your air conditioning a lot more efficient and cost effective. While demand for it is going, it is an under-utilised energy saving feature in Australian homes.

“The demand for for double glazing installations is growing” –  Graeme Clarke, MD of Thermawood

How much demand for these services is there?

The number of summer heat wave days experienced in our coastal cities could triple in the four decades up to 2050 under high emissions, according to research by UNSW climate scientist Sarah Perkins-Kirkpatrick. With each year expected to get warmer than the last, reduced rainfall and higher temperatures are likely to see Australians leaving the the air conditioning on for longer, potentially overnight for a good night’s sleep. This is quite an expensive lifestyle to maintain.

79% of Australian homeowners are actively trying to conserve as much energy as possible to reduce overall household costs, a recent survey by released. Studies show that over the course of a 20 year lifetime double glazing should save approximately $5,000 on electricity bills. This alone validates and justifies the customer requirement for the service.

The Thermawood franchise is a leading retro-fit double glazing franchise system. Its patented system allows existing windows to become energy efficient and reduce noise whilst also retaining the properties original character.

According to Graeme Clarke, MD of Thermawood, “The demand for double glazing installations is growing. With urban expansions, home renovations and increasing traffic congestion, Aussie householders are getting justifiably frustrated and who could blame them?”.

Double glazing reflects heat away from your property,  making your air conditioning more efficient and cost effective.

What does A Thermawood franchise offer?

A trade background is not essential, what matters most is attitude, drive and a willingness to learn. Thermawood offers full training on the installation of the double glazing system, business start up assistance, marketing planning and ongoing support from the Master Franchisee, who knows both the Thermawood installation and business systems.

Graeme Clarke remains proud of the systems the company has implemented and of the successful franchises that are currently operating. “I have pride in seeing people succeed, especially when I have had a hand in that process.”

Thermawood offers full training on the installation of their double glazing system

What development opportunities exist?

The logic is sound, the combination of climate change and consumer desire to reduce energy consumption all points to one big growing demand for double glazing.

A savvy franchisee can leverage from this trend and further educate potential customers on the benefits, which apart from increasing the value of the family home, also means that they save a few dollars and create a better living environment. If you believe that is an easy sell, Thermawood is an opportunity that should not be missed.

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