Interview with Kim Nowak – Franchisee for FCF Fire & Electrical Sunshine Coast

Kim Nowak, franchisee for FCF Fire & Electrical Sunshine Coast

In our latest franchisee briefing we spoke to Kim Nowak, franchisee with FCF Fire & Electrical in the Sunshine Coast. Kim tells us what it’s like to be a franchisee with FCF Fire & Electrical, what the company has to offer and her favourite part of her job. She also delves into what sets FCF apart from other fire safety service providers, what they are looking for in a potential franchisee and much more! Read on to learn about this passionate and trail-blazing business as well as how you can get involved in this opportunity.

Eden Exchange: Could you start off by telling us about your background and how you first became involved with FCF Fire & Electrical? What is your current role? 

Kim Nowak: Both my husband Ralph and myself wanted to find a business that we felt would have ongoing support and back-up, in an industry that had a support network and ongoing training to improve our knowledge and skills. My role is mostly admin-based; I send out quotes and liaise with our clients on a regular basis making sure all their fire safety requirements are maintained in a timely manner. Ralph looks after the technical side of things and together we find this really works for us with each of us having our own defined roles in running our business.

Eden Exchange: What does FCF Fire & Electrical do? What is special about business in your opinion?

Kim Nowak: FCF Fire & Electrical provides fire and electrical services for all safety requirements as per legislation standards. FCF is very much focused on customer service and always looking at ways to improve our systems, pricing and, most importantly, overall customer experience. Ongoing training is provided to up-skill all technicians in the field and our computer system is able to keep all of customer records up to date.

We truly believe FCF is one of the top fire service providers in Australia, providing all the necessary support you need. If you are willing to work smart and put the effort into your business, FCF is truly a recipe for success.

“We truly believe FCF is one of the top fire service providers in Australia, providing all the necessary support you need.”

Eden Exchange: What are some unique characteristics of FCF Fire & Electrical as a business? Can you describe your typical customers, target market and franchise location?

Kim Nowak: FCF is currently in the process of creating a fire app which can be connected to assets onsite, e.g. fire panel, fire pump set and so on. This means the assets can be monitored 24 hours a day. If there is an issue, you are alerted instantly so that you can rectify the problem immediately and any major damage to the property/business is alleviated.

FCF also offers a subscription-based servicing model which can be easily accessed through our website. This model allows the servicing to be completed as normal while the charges are invoiced on a monthly basis so that the customer is only paying a set monthly fee, which is excellent for budgeting and there’s no unexpected bills. This sets FCF apart from other companies in the fire industry.

Our franchise is located on the Sunshine Coast and offers a fire safety service to a variety of clients from local councils, family-owned businesses, retail, commercial, industrial and aged care to name a few.

Eden Exchange: How involved are you in the day-to-day running of the business? What does a typical day look like for you? 

Kim Nowak: We are both very much involved in our business and the tasks that come with day-to-day goings on. From customer service, scheduling, site inspections to servicing, no one day is every the same. There is always a lot of variety and never a dull moment to be had!

Eden Exchange: How much support do you receive as a franchisee in regards to business management, marketing and training?

Kim Nowak: FCF provides continuous ongoing training and our support team located at the head office in Hervey Bay are always on hand to provide assistance. We are also able to watch training sessions if and when we require some brushing up of our knowledge, as all training sessions are recorded. A monthly marketing fee is also allocated for the growth and development of all the franchises. On top of all of this, we have BDO advisory services available to all franchisees to assist with the finance side of business and management.

“…no one day is every the same. There is always a lot of variety and never a dull moment to be had!”

Eden Exchange: What made you decide to become a franchisee with FCF Fire & Electrical? What was it that made you think this was the franchise you were looking for?

Kim Nowak: We wanted to be a part of a business that offers huge potential, a good income, ongoing support and opportunities to expand. Looking at a number of different business options and seeing what FCF could offer us, we knew that this was a great opportunity to grow and be part of something really special and unique.

Eden Exchange: What do you love most about what you do? Specifically, what makes you want to continue to be a franchisee with FCF Fire & Electrical?

Kim Nowak: The variety each day brings and being able to have fun along the way, as well as providing the great customer service we offer to all our clients. At the end of the day, the satisfaction of a job well done and making a good return on our hard work is what I love most about being a franchisee with FCF Fire & Electrical.

Eden Exchange: Did you need any initial knowledge about the fire safety industry prior to starting as a franchisee? Do you have any advice for anyone considering becoming a franchisee with FCF Fire & Electrical?

Kim Nowak: We had no knowledge at all about the fire safety industry prior to joining FCF. All our training was provided and we have ongoing support, development, training and computer systems in place that are able alert us to any issues. What more could we need to be a success?

So why are you waiting? Join us and take that leap. It’s an exciting industry that’s offering huge potential and financial rewards – do it!

Thank you, Kim. It has been a pleasure.

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About the business:

FCF Fire & Electrical is the leading fire protection company with innovative technology focused around customer experience and also cutting customer costs while maintaining the Australian standards and compliance.

FCF Fire & Electrical helps your business ensure it is 100% fire safety compliant. We know all the latest laws and regulations that Australian businesses are required to adhere to in order to ensure they are fire safe. We supply, service and maintain fire safety equipment, ensuring that it is up to standard and fully operational should there be a fire emergency at your Australian business. We also work with businesses to draft up fire evacuation plans and provide electrical service, such as emergency lighting installation and servicing.