Interview with Gavin Hoult – CEO at Optimum Home Safety

EdenExchange: Thanks for speaking with us Gavin. Firstly, in simple terms, what does your business do and what is an Optimum Home Safety Dealership?

Gavin Hoult: In Optimum Home Safety Dealership, we show our clients how to prevent a fire in their home, help them to be better prepared for a fire and how to get out of the fire in a case of emergency. There is an increasing danger caused by synthetic products, floors, carpets etc. Woods are chipboard and glue highly combustible. That is why it is very important to protect your family and a property from a danger.

EdenExchange: Who would suit to run a dealership? Is there any particular background or training required?

Gavin Hoult: It would suit people with a background in direct sales, insurance sales and residential sales.

“It is very important to protect your family and property from a danger.”

EdenExchange: What type of returns should a purchase be expecting?

Gavin Hoult: A purchase should be expecting returns between $80,000 and $120,000 per month.

EdenExchange: What is your background and what experience helped you to start your own business? 

Gavin Hoult: My background is in direct sales. To start your own business you need an experience in sales management and direct marketing, the ability to mentor and build a sales team. Moreover, advances computer literacy, organisational and management skills. To this kind of business also experience in B2C and door to door sales is essential.

EdenExchange: Can you explain to us what the unique solutions do you provide within your business? Why is the product relevant nowadays?

Gavin Hoult: Household emergencies are unpredictable. Anything from a slow smouldering fire to a carbon monoxide leak can be sudden and deadly. Damage caused by plumbing leaks or frozen pipes can destroy a home in a matter of minutes. When it comes to the people and possessions that matter most, there’s no such thing as too safe. In Optimum Home Safety, we provide a solution OmniShield which is an interconnected wireless network of sensors alerting you of danger in your home. The technology is faster than any other sensors on the market.

“In Optimum Home Safety, we provide a solution OmniShield which is an interconnected wireless network of sensors alerting you of danger in your home.”

EdenExchange: What markets does the business target? What opportunities exist in the industry?

Gavin Hoult: The target is basically every home in Australia. About 98% of homes have the unreliable smoke alarms that go off when we are cooking or from show steam giving us a false sense of security thinking they will go off when we have a fire in our home. That is why there is a need for our technology.

EdenExchange: What stage of development is the business in? How has this evolved since the owners began running the business?

Gavin Hoult: The company has over 50-years experience in direct sales and marketing, also in total Fire Awareness and Fire/Smoke Network Protection. With offices in many countries throughout the world, headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Represented in Australia by Crossfire Australasia with offices in Brisbane and Sydney. We are an organisation made up of family-owned companies that promote from within the organisation.

EdenExchange: Who would suit running this business? Who would benefit from acquiring it?

Gavin Hoult: Anyone who has a passion for saving lives and earning a fantastic income.

EdenExchange: What’s specifically included in the sale of a dealership

Gavin Hoult: This is a unique business opportunity dealership, where the successful applicant will obtain a business with a $10,000 investment made up of product and marketing material and no actual business investment cost.

The Franchisee/Dealer will receive total proven system and Australian and USA support, along with back office video training and support. Proven marketing systems and materials included. Full training, careful strategic marketing and constant support are offered for those that become a part of the CrossFire Australasia GHS Dealer Program. International Travel and Incentive Program for all Dealers.

EdenExchange: What are some of the key achievements you are proud of while running your business?

Gavin Hoult: We are proud of protecting the world from fire, one family at a time. Also, we help people succeed with the best opportunity.

EdenExchange: Thank you.


About CrossFire Australasia
CrossFire Australasia is an Authorised Dealer of GHS promoting OmniShield products from Applied Fire Technologies is not some massive corporation run by rotating boards of directors with rotating missions, all of which have one thing in common: more profits and cheaper productions costs. Fact is, we’re pretty much the polar-opposite in every way possible. We are a small family company, driven by the same family, with the same mission, through four decades. This fact tends to make you look at things differently than the big guys do.