Interview with David Fitzpatrick – Regional Franchisor at Jim’s Fencing – Western Australia North

Recently, Eden Exchange spoke with David Fitzpatrick, Regional Franchisor for Jim’s Fencing in Western Australia. David who is driving the business with his wife Mandy, discusses how Jims differentiates its brand in the market; who would make the perfect Franchisee; and why Jim’s Fencing is such a lucrative opportunity for the right person.

EdenExchange: Thanks for speaking with us David. Can you tell us a bit about your background and career? What’s your role at Jim’s Fencing?

David Fitzpatrick: We originally come from backgrounds in wheat and sheep farming. At Jim’s Fencing we are primarily involved with mentoring and supporting current Franchisees with their businesses as well as introducing like-minded candidates to the new business opportunity. We still operate our own Jim’s Fencing business in Kalamunda, this helps compliment working with other franchisees on jobs they may feel they need insight on or help to complete.

“We are very proud of the insight our Trainers can impart in the eight-week training period and beyond to avoid the pitfalls that come with running your own business when starting out.”

EdenExchange: David, you share your business with your wife Mandy. How has the partnership helped to run the business? What benefits does it bring to your personal life?

David Fitzpatrick: We work towards common goals and interests and tailor our family lifestyle towards this. When in business sometimes working by yourself can be a solitary existence, we find this dual focus also aids in supporting one another on a day to day basis.

EdenExchange: Last year you were awarded for Best Franchisor in Fencing Division. What this award means to you?

David Fitzpatrick: It means a lot to us to think that our Franchisees believe we are doing the right thing by them. This is a result of surveys to current franchisees within our region. It confirms we are giving them the guidance and the support they require and expect and are helping them follow structures and systems in place to assist in running their own business and helping them to prosper.

EdenExchange: As a successful Franchisor, what in your opinion makes for a successful Jim’s Fencing franchise owner? Is it experience, attitude or something else?

David Fitzpatrick: By far the most important is having a great attitude and aptitude for work. We are there to help with the shortfalls that come with lack of experience.

EdenExchange: What advice do you have for someone looking to run a franchise for the first time? What’s the key message you tell new franchisees?

David Fitzpatrick: We have proven systems in place to help build a successful business. It is important to be guided by these. We are very proud of the insight our Trainers can impart in the eight-week training period and beyond to avoid the pitfalls that come with running your own business when starting out.

EdenExchange: What makes Jim’s Fencing unique among other franchising opportunities?

David Fitzpatrick: The differing jobs we do means we are yet to hear of a Franchisee that does not generally enjoy our fencing tasks on a day to day basis and the satisfaction that come with it.  

EdenExchange: What are some of the challenges you have overcome since joining Jim’s Fencing? On the other side, what are some of the key achievements you are proud of?

David Fitzpatrick: A tightening market place with  changing products is challenging. It means you need to be constantly monitor all aspects of your business. We have seen some great fences installed over the years by our Franchisees, but what pleases us most is hearing from Franchisees’ family and friends about how happy and content they are with Jim’s Fencing in their work/life balance. We love that we have been able to give them this opportunity and have been part of their journey.

“We enjoy being hands on with the fencing. Some of the places we work are very scenic and peaceful.”

EdenExchange: What is the best thing about your job, what drives you to do what you do?

David Fitzpatrick: In addition to above, we enjoy being hands on with the fencing.  Some of the places we work are very scenic and peaceful.

EdenExchange: Thank you.


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