High Revenue + High Profile Location, Red Rooster – North of Melbourne VIC

Join one of Australia’s most successful restaurant networks, with over 360 stores operating nationally!


  • The business has been trading successfully from its current location since 1995.
  • Strong revenue growth, and secure, reliable, and growing returns.
  • Located on one of the highest traffic intersections in Australia.


  • Strong attractors and co-tenants at the location with ample parking
  • Revenues generated by very high passing traffic and large commercial and residential trade zone with ideal demographic for the offer
  • Great opportunity to grow market segments such as delivery
  • Long secure lease
  • Currently operated under full management with trained and experienced staff
  • However, would suit a hands-on operator seeking to make an impact and grow revenues (especially in delivery segment)
  • Recently completed refurbishment and equipment upgrade
  • Drive Thru

About The Red Rooster Franchise 

Red Rooster is one of Australia’s largest quick-service restaurant networks with over 360 stores operating nationally. Red Rooster is an iconic homegrown Australian brand with enormous goodwill and brand recognition in the Australian market. Together with Oporto and Chicken Treat, Red Rooster is owned and operated by Craveable Brands Ltd, therefore, providing the Red Rooster network with an incredible depth of supporting resources, and management expertise. 

Red Rooster’s core product offer of roast chickens and burgers are perennial favourites and will never go out of fashion. Red Rooster is constantly updating its menu offer introducing new products and advertises aggressively to grow market share. Red Rooster introduces and embraces new market trends and technologies with a focus on delivering growth, business operations improvement, and cost reduction to its franchisees. Red Rooster’s recent introduction of Fried Chicken has been an enormous success and most stores have experienced high sales growth. 

7 News: Red Rooster To Launch Crunchy Fried Chicken To Menus Across the Country  

Red Rooster’s core values, “We are Customer Fanatics. We Win Together. We Make a Difference. We are Open & Honest”, demonstrates its commitment to good franchising and the value of the franchise relationship. Their commitment to their customers and franchisees go hand in hand and make up the bulk of their national success. 

See the Red Rooster’s vision of the network’s future here.  

Investors in a Red Rooster franchise will benefit from:

  • Benchmarking, Due Diligence, and Disclosure, a secure investment decision-making process
  • Accredited lending arrangements with major banks (up to 60% cash flow secured for qualified applicants)
  • A comprehensive 10-week training program
  • Marketing and Advertising Support
  • Accounting and Administration support
  • Operations support
  • Group supplier deals and purchasing power

This is the chance of a lifetime to acquire a very profitable Red Rooster store in the high-profile location north of Melbourne.

Driven Individuals can leverage the training program, enjoy the backing from a national network, and take charge of a successful Red Rooster store destined for further growth and take it to new heights!  

To get started, call our franchising specialist Gary Glen on 0418312116 for a confidential discussion. 

Alternatively, you can also learn more about acquiring an established Red Rooster restaurant by registering your interest HERE