Families are Spending Big on their Gardens – An Industry Set to Bloom

Tending to the garden and lawn is not something busy Australians have a lot of time for in their day-to-day lives. According to recent research however, we still want our gardens to look beautiful and manicured, perfect for our outdoor entertaining lifestyles.

Due to this desire, the gardening and landscaping industry is flourishing; as reported by research firm IBISWorld, industry revenue is expected to grow at an annualised 2.5 per cent to reach an estimated value of $3.37 billion and employ approximately 40,120 people in 10,997 businesses. Aussie families are willing to spend big when it comes to setting high-standards and maintaining landscaping gardens even their neighbours will be proud of.

The Influences Of Appearance On Market Values

The gains made by Australians on their home are not purely aesthetic. According to landscape economist John Harris, quality garden maintenance can add up to 28 per cent to a home’s overall value, while research by Clemson University Professor Mark S. Henry shows that lifting one’s gardening efforts from ‘good’ to ‘excellent’ can add a significant value of at least six to seven per cent.

Since keeping gardens and lawns looking great is of obvious importance, it is no surprise we are hiring more specialists than ever to do the job. We expect these gardens to be tended to  efficiently, beautifully and for a good price; what better way for Australians to achieve this, than by having their lawns beautifully boarded and framed by customised decorative edging and kerbing.

Kwik Kerb – Prepare To Learn Professional Skills In A Specialist Business

“Kwik Kerb is the world’s leading brand in the decorative kerbing industry.”

Established in 1987, Kwik Kerb is an Australian success story, expanding internationally with a current presence on six continents and over 20 countries, including Australia, NZ, USA, Canada, Brazil, and France.

According to opencolleges.edu.au, there are many benefits of working for oneself and being one’s own boss, including an ability to regain control: “It’s important to set professional service standards early on, but it’s also OK to learn things as you go.”

Owning your own business also means you can achieve your personal goals, at a pace which works for you. To help Australians reach their goals, Kwik Kerb offer new business buyers a complete business system, designed specifically for people to start earning from day one, and provide equipment, marketing materials, uniforms, and websites.

Once becoming a Kwik Kerb Business Owner, buyers will be supplied with comprehensive training in machinery operation, marketing, sales techniques and business knowledge.

“Kwik Kerb offer new business buyers a complete business system, designed specifically for people to start earning from day one.”

Taking Pride In Your Work

Current Kwik Kerb business owners find owning their own business to be greatly beneficial.

Despite feeling a bit “long in the tooth”, Garry of Melbourne can still knock out between 80 to 110 metres of kerbing in a day: “I’m in the sixteenth year now, and I never thought I’d be laying concrete today and still enjoying it,” says Garry.

Chris of Sydney completed three commercial jobs in a little over two weeks, working with his team laying 1000 metres of high-profile, commercial edging.
“People ask me if I think Kwik Kerb is a good business,” says Chris. “I tell them I wish I started this fifteen years ago!”

Flexibility in Business

A key strength of Kwik Kerb is that it is flexible as it can be run as either a full-time, or part-time business. Kwik Kerb was designed to be a single person business operation; however, many owners work together with their spouses, or scale their business to manage small teams, there is even opportunities to own multiple business units. Kwik Kerb is not a franchise, so it is up to you how you want to build your business and with no royalties – you keep all the profits!


About Kwik Kerb

If you are looking for an opportunity that gets you working in the great outdoors, where you are working for yourself, but not by yourself, contact the team at Kwik Kerb on 1800 773 231 or click here to find out more.