Ep#272 Giggle Your Way To Your Ultimate Life, An Innovative Licence Opportunity. (Ft. Del Shaw, Director & Founder of Giggle Entertainment)

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Today on Eden Exchanges, we spoke with Del Shaw who is the founder and director of Giggle Entertainment – a business that is revolutionising the local advertising industry! 

Listen as Del shares his story on the evolution of Giggle Entertainment, and how the business is taking radio and newspaper advertising into the digital era. As well as who would best suit owning a Giggle Business and how becoming a Giggler can let you live your ultimate life. 

Listen on to discover more.  

  • Background
    Del Shares his story on how Giggle Business came into fruition
  • A gap in the market
    Giggle Entertainment offers an affordable local marketing service
  • Proof of concept
    Del explains how he tested his business concept with the help of his friends’ businesses  
  • An evolving Industry
    Del explains how Giggle is set to take over radio and newspaper advertising  
  • Engaging Content
    Del explains what type of content is shared on the screens  
  • The ideal licensee
    Del outlines the characteristics and personality traits that would best suit a Giggle Business
  • Giggle management portal
    Del delves into his advanced software designed to train and support Gigglers on their journey
  • Ultimate life experience
    Del explains the scalability of a Giggle Business and how the business model is designed so you can create your ultimate life experience
  • The ideal licensee
    Del shares what Giggle Entertainment  
  • Expert advice
    Del shares his best advice for becoming a Giggler
  • And More!
Del Shaw
Founder & Director of Giggle Entertainment

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