Podcast: LMA – A Business Opportunity Changing Australia’s People Development Sector (ft. Bob McCarthy – LMA)

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In this episode we spoke to Bob McCarthy, Licensee Recruitment Manager for Leadership Management Australia. Bob discussed the history of the company across the the globe and LMA’s unique position in the training and educational industry. Listen out for tips on how to become a Licensee, what kind of person becomes successful and how LMA attracts licensees who grow their own businesses by developing and helping other businesses grow…

Discussion Points

  • History of LMI (Leadership Management International)
  • Bob McCarthy’s beginnings with LMI (Leadership Management Ireland)
  • What is LMA? (Leadership Management Australia)
  • LMA Licensee’s and what they do?
  • What is the LMA program package?
  • Who would be a successful Licensee at LMA?
  • The finer lines of grey hair in the corporate industry
  • The merits of experience compared to higher education
  • The recovery of the people and leadership development sector after the GFC
  • RTO industry and reputable providers in the sector
  • The Australian worker and leader today
  • Modern technologies creating better accessibility and time efficiency in LMA
  • How to get in touch with LMA Recruitment
  • The process of becoming an LMA licensee
  • The value of building relationships and selling.

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About Leadership Management Australia

For further information on LMA license opportunities please click here and submit an enquiry.

Founded by our Executive Chairman Grant Sexton in 1972, Leadership Management Australia (LMA) has been creating exceptional results through people for more than four decades.

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