Ep#201 “The flexibility and support my Urban Clean franchise provides is outstanding ” (ft Gurdeep Singh, Franchisee at Urban Clean Commercial Cleaning Franchises Brisbane)

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Today on Eden Exchanges we welcome our guest Gurdeep Singh, who is a successful franchisee at Urban Clean commercial cleaning franchises in Brisbane. Listen as Gurdeep discusses how he improved his business during the pandemic, how Urban has been growing and developing its business opportunities and why Urban Clean is the ideal business opportunity for those seeking financial flexibility and independence

Discussion Points:

Gurdeep Singh – Franchisee for Urban Clean in Brisbane
  • Background
    Gurdeep’s professional background and how he came to be a part of the Urban Clean team
  • Working role and business model
    An Urban Clean franchisee’s role and how the Urban Clean business model works
  • Why become an Urban Clean franchisee?
    Gurdeep explores the reasons why he chose to become an Urban Clean franchisee and the appealing attributes that the business offers its franchisees
  • Work-life-balance and independence
    Gurdeep discuses work-life-balance before and after becoming a franchisee and how the Urban Clean business model encourages independence and achievement
  • Customers and market sectors
    Urban Clean’s clients in the professional sector and where Gurdeep sees the most demand from in his local territory
  • The best qualities of the business model
    What Gurdeep identifies as the best qualities of the Urban Clean business model and the franchise program compared to other operators in the cleaning sector
  • Support and training
    Gurdeep delves into the role of his franchisor Paul Haycock, the relationship between franchisee and franchisor and how Urban Clean provides its ongoing training and support for all of its franchisees
  • Driven to succeed with every clean
    What drives Gurdeep to get out of bed in the morning as an Urban clean franchisee and what he loves most about the opportunity and the business model
  • Getting in touch
    How to enquire about a franchise opportunity in your area and how to learn more about the opportunity

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About the business:

Since franchising the business in 2014, nearly 100 franchisees have joined Urban Clean. Urban Clean has established a national footprint and cleans offices, gyms, medical centres and provide deep hygiene cleans throughout Australia.

An Urban Clean business targets the profitable segment of the commercial cleaning market. The service is designed directly around this target market and uses industry only technology and systems to deliver on customers’ unique needs. Our sales system to secure new cleaning contracts is unique and second to none in the industry.

The commercial cleaning industry is huge. Billions of dollars get spent every year, to keep businesses clean. A commercial cleaning business is a truly great way to earn flexible extra income after hours.

We invite you to explore this exciting opportunity. The Urban Clean team look forward to meeting you in person in the near future.

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