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The Director Briefing Service – Tell Your Story to the Market

Do you have compelling business story? Inform the market with a Director Briefing.
Communicate with an eco-system of investors, buyers and and stakeholders. Our network is looking for opportunities. Director Briefings are prepared and distributed for for a wide range of organisations looking to reach out to our market with their messages. Reach a knowledgeable and well researched investment community and extended media network.

Communicate to the Eden Exchange eco-system which:

  • Receives more then 2,000 enquiries a month from investors and buyers looking for opportunities
  • Showcases more then $7 billion worth of opportunities across our networks
  • Has more then 25,000 buyers and investors looking for opportunities
  • Has targeted social media audiences of 390,000+ for all business sectors in Australia and Asia

Inform the market about new developments, important organisational news or news about transactions. Get your message in front of the right people. Eden Exchange’s Director briefing updates range from CEO interviews and podcasts to insight interviews, company announcements and more.


Podcasts are a revolutionary way to get your message out to the market. Dynamic marketing is trending and Australians are now busier than ever. On a long commute, or a casual drive from A to B, podcasts are a dream come true for Australias busiest Decision Makers. Click the icon to visit our Eden Exchanges podcast series and find your voice.




Some times the traditional approach suits the medium. A business sector is as unique as a thumb print compared to other business sectors. We customise our interviews to suit your business needs and ask the need to know questions about your industry. Our interviews can be anywhere between 6-10 questions in length and don’t worry about spelling and grammar, our team are happy to help.

PR releases & articles:

For the more trending business venture, current events and industry presence are vital to achieving business growth. If your need to draw attention on a larger scale we can make that happen. Our PR releases and articles have gained interests of larger networks. Such as leading to a feature story on Channel Tens ‘The Project’ or leading to topics of conversation with the hosts of ‘Shark Tank Australia’.

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