Demand for Home Delivery Turns Food Industry on its Head

In our current global climate we are seeing more demand for home delivery services than ever before. As our future grows unclear, we are seeing one certainty: the ability to deliver goods to consumers’ doorsteps is critical to success for a modern business.

The demand for food service delivery has taken off in recent years, with some businesses within the food service industry struggling to keep up. Meanwhile, others are adapting to this demand and making changes to their business model to cater for the shift in their industry.

Concept Eight is a franchising model working with franchise owners to run their business with a focus on the delivery services demand, all while continuing to provide a high-quality and quick-service menu to in-house diners.

Concept Eight is the food franchisor behind popular brands Noodle Box, Wokinabox and Pattysmiths Burgers. Due to their success and the growing trend in home delivery food services, Concept Eight is expanding the number of stores under their umbrella. With 11.5% of Australians using Uber Eats, the team at Concept Eight have also embraced this growing market by operating brands exclusive to Uber Eats: Supreme Leader and Double Dragon Dumplings.

Concept Eight is a franchising model working with franchise owners to run their business with a focus on the delivery services demand.

Why a Concept Eight Franchise?

In a busy world, more people are relying on convenience and quick dinner solutions. While this is affecting the foot traffic in some quick-service restaurants, others are embracing the change. There are some interesting statistics around the growing food service delivery industry, as outlined in a Daily Mail article in February 2020:

  • 23.9% of residents in inner city suburbs are more likely to order from food delivery services
  • 1/5 of Australians regularly use delivery services like Uber Eats and Deliveroo
  • The biggest users of food delivery services are Millennials, closely followed by Generation Z

Even without the current spike in usage due to government mandated self-isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is also estimated that online delivery app usage will grow by up to 7% in the next two years, presenting great opportunities for those businesses who are early adopters of using the model.

Scott Hillier, Noodle Box franchisee in Brookwater QLD, made the switch from being a financial advisor to Noodle Box franchisee. He notes that the support from the Franchise Support Centre is excellent, and his Business Development Manager is always on hand. “The support from the top down is great, and the communication channel is excellent,” he says. After just two years in business, Hillier has decided to buy another franchise in the Greater Brisbane region, showing just how successful a Concept Eight franchise can be.

The support from the top down is great, and the communication channel is excellent,” – Scott Hillier, franchisee for Noodle Box, Brookwater QLD

What a Concept Eight Franchise Offers

Franchisees within the Concept Eight business model receive support across all levels of business including:

  • A dedicated marketing team promoting the franchise through a variety of media channels
  • Exclusive national and local marketing campaigns
  • Training in all systems and procedures, including ongoing training through an innovative online platform
  • 7 -year franchise terms
  • Strategic partnerships with Uber and Menulog

Food franchising is a growing industry, and with the support to adapt to a growing food delivery service customer base, those who are willing to adapt are reaping the rewards of an increase in business income.

Whether you are looking for a franchise that combines in-store customers with delivery service or one that focuses only on food service delivery, Concept Eight’s franchise businesses are a strong choice for those looking to enter a growing market.

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About Concept Eight

Concept Eight is the multi-brand franchisor behind successful QSR brands Noodle Box, Wokinabox and Pattysmiths Burgers. Established in 1996, the franchise group has grown to over 110 stores employing over 800 staff nationally.

Concept Eight manages distinguished brands that all bring their unique flavour to Australia including; Wokinabox, Noodle Box and Pattysmiths Burgers. Concept Eight can also offer duel concept franchises through our additional virtual brands ‘Supreme Leader Korean Chicken’ and ‘Double Dragon Dumplings’.

Concept Eight prides itself on providing franchise support services across eight specialist areas including:

  • Operations
  • Sales and marketing
  • Training
  • Restaurant design and construction
  • Finance
  • Supply chain
  • Network development

Owning a Concept Eight franchise allows you to own a nationally growing brand that has a dedicated team to help you succeed, no matter what brand you choose to partner with.