Eden Exchange, Vivere Marketing and Pure SEO present: How to Increase the Value of Your Business

By Emily Windred from Eden Exchange

An Event for Business Owners to Connect and Grow

On Wednesday August 28, 2019 Eden ExchangeVivere Marketing and Pure SEO facilitated a seminar featuring five esteemed experts on digital marketing and business strategy. Our presenters regaled attendees with tales of their successes, lessons they’ve learned from their failures and offered practical and insightful advice relating to each of their unique fields of expertise. The event was attended by an audience of engaged business owners interested in learning from our speakers’ unique knowledge and experience.

Our evening was abundant with engaging conversation. Presentations evolved into collaborative discussions as our attendees asked questions and advice throughout, with our presenters enthusiastically obliging to their requests. Each attendee was able to receive tailored advice unique to their business situations and our speakers were able to flex their expert muscles in applying their considerable knowledge to on-the-spot case studies.

Attendees were showered with event giveaways – including Geoff Green’s book The Smart Business Exit, Richard Conway’s book How to Get to the Top of Google Search and a gift bag full of useful goodies and informative swag. Wine, beer and antipasto were enjoyed throughout the evening, as well as lively conversations between presenters and attendees alike.

Our keynote speaker for the evening

Geoff Green – Founder and Managing Director of GRG Momentum.

Geoff is a business exit strategist, entrepreneur, corporate lawyer and author of The Smart Business Exit. With a 30+ year career in corporate law, business consulting and his own business ventures, Geoff Green has helped hundreds of business owners not only build great businesses, but also get rewarded for their blood, sweat and tears when they exit. 

Geoff’s presentation focused on the business buying and selling market and how to use this knowledge to make your business more attractive to buyers. He encouraged business owners to really consider how prepared they are to sell their business. Geoff also delved into finding your business’ worth through profits and multiples, the constantly shifting culture surrounding business ownership and offered multiple avenues to explore when you want to increase the value of your business.

Our lineup of expert speakers

Richard Conway – CEO of Pure SEO

Richard is the founder and CEO of New Zealand’s most awarded search agency, Pure SEO. He has just been named as a finalist in the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Richard delved into his entrepreneurial journey, specifically the hurdles and growth behind the creation of Pure SEO. Richard used his own personal mistakes and triumphs as examples to drive home the lessons that he has learned to our audience.

Krishneel Chauhan – General Manager of Pure SEO Australia

Krishneel’s presentation offered our attendees an informative introduction into the world of SEO and how it can make a world of difference to the value of your business.

Jennifer O’Kane – Founder and Director of Vivere Marketing

Jennifer’s presentation afforded our audience a peek behind the curtain into digital marketing and SEO. By using specific examples, Jennifer guided us through tips and tricks to help identify aspects of your website and marketing techniques that may be underperforming and impacting the digital presence of your business.

Tom Ross – Visual Designer for Convert Digital

Tom offered an extremely insightful presentation relating to website design, understanding your target audience and the importance of being data informed.

Featuring the director of Eden ExchangeRaghu Rajakumar, serving as our evening’s MC, introducing each speaker and facilitating audience requests and discussions.

Key discussion points from the event included:

  • Selling your business – realities that need to be faced, how to determine your business value and the many theories and practices that help boost your resale value.
  • Building a business – things to consider when building your business, 
  • The importance of your website – including link building, live chat, web design and empathising with your target audience.
  • Digital marketing – including the benefits of SEO, re-marketing, best practice marketing and qualitative vs quantitative testing.

Eden Exchange would like to thank and congratulate our collaborators Pure SEO and Vivere Marketing as well as all of our fantastic guest speakers for making the evening an informative, insightful and enjoyable one.

To our attendees, we sincerely thank you for coming and hope you enjoyed the night as much as we did. The atmosphere of engagement and curiosity was created by you all, which allowed the event to develop into a collaborative affair with a lot of interaction and laughter. We hope to see you all next time!

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