A Tale of Fencing Success (ft Dane Bobart of Jim’s Fencing Bendigo, Victoria)

Recently, we spoke to Dane Bobart from Jim’s Fencing who is a franchisee in Bendigo, Victoria. Dane is selling his successful business in Bendigo and tells us about how it has given him the satisfaction and work-life balance he hasn’t been able to find in previous positions. He also goes into depth about the business structure of Jim,’s as well as Bendigo’s  blooming business sector for a a potential new owner of the business.

Eden Exchange: Hello Dane and thank you for this opportunity. First off, can you tell us a little bit about yourself, your professional background and what your current role is at Jim’s Fencing?

Dane Bobart: I grew up with the firm belief that with hard work, most things are achievable. Over the years hard work and determination has seen me set goals and challenge myself to reach them. From starting my first hobby business at the age of 13, being successful at my chosen sport, renovating my first house, starting and running a successful limousine business. My most recent achievement has been purchasing and growing a Jim’s Fencing franchise which is operating successfully in Bendigo!

After completing VCE in 1995, I received an offer to complete a Mechanical Engineering Degree at Victorian University. I chose to defer my offer, initially just for 12 months…then life happened! I still have a keen interest in engineering and hope to one day begin and complete studies to finish this degree.

Most of my working life has been customer service focused, from my first job in sales through to my last role prior to purchasing the franchise as an Operations Manager of a training organisation. Jim’s Fencing is no different,  from meeting with clients, providing advice to quote preparation and finally installing the desired fence. The skills that I have acquired over the years have served me well in all facets of Jim’s Fencing. Indeed the Jim’s Group believes that providing exceptional customer service is paramount to success!

“Owning and running a business is a lifestyle change that has many positive aspects allowing you to choose your day to day activities, giving more control over your life and your income”


Eden Exchange: What can you tell us about Bendigo? Is there anything that sets it apart from other places in Australia? Anything unique about the city, the surrounding area or the people? 

Dane Bobart: Bendigo is rapidly expanding with many new sub divisions currently underway, as a result we consistently receive more inquiries that can be serviced. This business has huge earning potential. While the city of Bendigo continues to expand, especially in the administrative and medical professions, I feel that people are more often than not seeking trade professionals to complete tasks as opposed to ‘having a go’ themselves. This creates  great opportunities to gain new clients and continued work! The clients I’ve have had dealings with in the past are genuine, loyal people and, providing you do right by them, create significant repeat business and referral work .

Eden Exchange: What is it like running a business in Bendigo? Can you tell us what your day to day is like? How busy you are and what is your work-life balance like? 

Dane Bobart: Building fences is not rocket science, nor is running a business however like any profession there are tricks to the trade that will ensure your end product is something that you are happy with, and most importantly your client is happy with.The best part about the Jim’s Fencing model is that you can work as much or as little as you like.  When I first started, I wanted to scale back from the 50-60 hours a week I was working, but still earn a good income. My week now consists on average around 25-30 hours a week on the tools with a further 10-15 hours completing administrative tasks. Of course this can be affected by the seasons, such as when spring comes around you could double your work load if you wanted to! I choose the Jim’s Fencing franchise as a lifestyle change that has had a significant positive impact on the quality time I now spend with family and friends with the added benefit of improving my health and fitness levels.

“I have been able to spend more time with my family and get involved with the different activities that my daughter attends through school. We set out a 5 year plan, and in March 2018 we started our fourth year, so it is now time to start contemplating what the next 5 years will bring.”

Eden Exchange: Who are you clients mostly in Bendigo? Do you find they are mostly commercial, residential or industrial? 

Dane Bobart: Currently our client base is mostly home owners, with over 300 past and potential clients in our list. We have also provided our service to a number of builders, both commercial and domestic. The new owner could build on the business by increasing working hours, taking on more rural style fencing or become a preferred fencing contractor for any of the local building firms.

Eden Exchange: Are there any new developments scheduled in the area to prompt new and ongoing work in the future? Are you expecting any growth for the Jim’s Fencing Bendigo business in the near future? 

Dane Bobart: There are always new sub divisions or stages of existing sub divisions being released, so there is plenty of that type of work. The other thing to keep in mind is that while other fencing contractors may be focused on the ‘big’ sub divisions, there are plenty of existing houses, properties and clients that need old fences removed or repaired and new fences installed. Currently operating as a ‘one man’ show, our growth is controlled/capped to the work load that I am willing to take on, however to improve profitability I am always looking for the premium fence installations such as pool fencing and front feature fencing.

Eden Exchange: What have been your highlights as the owner of a Jim’s Fencing franchise in Bendigo? Is there an achievement you are most proud of or any significant obstacles you have overcome as a small business owner? 

Dane Bobart: As a business owner, there are obstacles for which you will need to overcome, especially for one that operates from home. It is easy to fall into a trap feeling guilty when you are not working, and I have learnt that it is okay to switch off, have some down time or take a break, in fact it is necessary to keep you feeling fresh and motivated.

We purchased a brand new franchise in 2015 and we had set out to build a profitable, reputable business which is something that I believe we have achieved. I have been able to spend more time with my family and get involved with the different activities that my daughter attends through school. We set out a 5 year plan, and in March 2018 we started our fourth year, so it is now time to start contemplating what the next 5 years will bring.

“The best part about the Jim’s Fencing models is you work as much or as little as you like.”

Eden Exchange: We understand that you are selling the Bendigo franchise. Is there anything you wish to say to anyone thinking about enquiring about the Bendigo franchise? Any advice you want to give to anyone potentially owning a small business in Bendigo for the first time? 

Dane Bobart: Our business is ideal for anyone interested in being their own boss .It suits both experienced business owners and first timers! Like any business you need to be committed to building a positive image/reputation to your own ‘brand’ and the Jim’s Fencing brand. Owning and running a business is a lifestyle change that has many positive aspects. It  allows you to choose your day to day activities.  The Jim’s Fencing franchise model offers great flexibility and gives you more control over your life and income.

Eden Exchange: For anyone wishing to enquire about the franchise, how do they contact you? Is there a preferred way?

Dane Bobart: For further details simply call our national number 131 546 and let one of our lovely team members know that you are interested in purchasing a Jim’s Fencing franchise and they will be able to direct you from there.

So if you are interested in being your own boss with great flexibility, having more control over your life, your income and enjoy working outdoors, then make the call today – become a Jim!

Eden Exchange: Thank you for taking the time Dane, it has been a pleasure chatting with you. 

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