Podcast: JUMP into a Swim School Franchise (ft. James Rice from JUMP! Swim Schools)

Finding the niche in a booming sector

James Rice from JUMP! Swim Schools

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In this episode of Eden Exchanges we spoke to James Rice who heads up JUMP! Swim Schools, a growing Australian franchise system that offers swimming classes for young children. James talked us through what makes JUMP unique, who would suit running a franchise with them, and what a franchisee can expect from their journey.

Key Points

  • What JUMP! does and how the business came about
  • James’ background in franchising and working with children
  • The franchise effect on lifestyle
  • What makes JUMP! unique among other swim schools
  • What to expect from your first day
  • The potential and demand for JUMP! Swim Schools
  • Goals for JUMP! in the next couple of years
  • Benefits of children learning to swim at a young age
  • Target states for growth
  • Scope of people who become franchisees
  • Examples of successful JUMP! franchises
  • The commitment  a new franchisee needs to put down, and the next steps of getting on board
  • Who finds the site for a new swim school
  • JUMP! Swim Schools as an alternative to expensive childcare
  • How to get in contact with JUMP!
  • Individual programs for children with specific needs

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JUMP! is currently seeking franchisees for across the country and have several sites on offer, so now is a great time to join them at the ground floor for the perfect opportunity to tap into a large and secure market. Franchisees will also enjoy a great lifestyle business and the chance to control your own financial future through JUMP!’s proven models.

If you’re interested to find out more or think you’d like to become a Franchisee, fill out JUMP!’s franchise enquiry form. We will be in touch with you soon via phone or e-mail.