Make a Splash with a Rapidly Growing Australian Swim School

Australian Families Are Expanding, So Too Should Their Young Children’s Life-Saving Resources

With our population fast expanding, the demand for childcare and early learning centres grows and, in a land girt by sea, swimming lessons have become an invaluable resource for young Australian families. According to Education Minister James Merlino, swimming lessons are vital and teaching our kids to swim will save lives. Many Australian lifesavers want compulsory swimming lessons for children, but swimming schools report waiting lists up to five hundred names long, leaving too many kids high and dry.

Demand is continuing to outstrip supply, and families benefit from swimming schools which are open for classes six or more days of the week. Suburbs in Australia are in need of swimming school committed to teaching small children to swim, where there are no year-round opportunities to do so. Parents are actively seeking to enrol their children in swimming lessons which provide small, intimate classes, highly qualified instructors, warm water, and a clean, modern and private indoor facility.

JUMP! Swim School franchises are exciting opportunities for those passionate about water safety, working with communities, and teaching young children to be confident swimmers. JUMP! has excellent relationships with both Swimart, one of Australia’s largest suppliers of pools and spas, and are also recognised by the Franchise Council of Australia. They are at the forefront of the industry, popular with working parents, and the company predicts they will sign up 17,000 new students by the end of 2017.

JUMP! Swim Schools have proven to be very successful, with current owners now running multiple franchises. They have tapped into a market which is both stimulating and rewarding, sharing their experience with their communities and ensuring the water safety of future generations.

Diving Into a New Enterprise

James Rice, a new franchise owner of a JUMP! Swim School, found the idea of working in an active environment to be particularly rewarding. “I was attracted to the idea of entering into a new business with less risk than entering a start-up on my own,” James says. “I realised that joining the JUMP! network would offer me the same opportunities for success in business but in an industry that would be more family friendly.”

James’ business has grown by just over seven students per week, and he’s now ahead of where he thought he would be. “My plans include expanding my reach in helping teach kids to swim by opening another site or two in the near future.”

JUMP! Swimming Schools offer all these positive assets and more. With over one hundred franchisees signed across the globe, the company works on a proven model which generates low, break-even numbers and simple profitability controls, as the only direct costs are teachers’ wages. If the franchisee has a total number of customers above the break-even number, and the average number of students per class is within the recommended range, then the  business is profitable.

“I am in a very fortunate position… making a big difference in the safety of kids around water on the Gold Coast.” – James Rice

The Benefits of a JUMP! Swim School

Many parents and carers lack the ability, knowledge and resources to spend the time it takes to teach small children extremely worthwhile water-safety skills. Working in a JUMP! Swim School offers franchisees the opportunity to be employed in a highly motivated, people-friendly environment.

Unlike other swim schools, which can be raucous and impersonal, JUMP! provide a relaxed environment for both the students and their teachers.

As a father of three young boys, JUMP! Founder Ian Campbell is very aware of the importance of learning to swim to be a personal and private experience, ensuring the best possible progression and making children feel safe and secure.

JUMP! will provide franchise owners with a turnkey swim school fit-out, and the commercial benefits that come with a growing franchise brand. JUMP! Swim Schools are situated indoors with heated pools, meaning that classes do not rely on the weather, and are available for year-round swimming.

All new franchises will be exclusive, based on JUMP!’s research on the local area demographics.

JUMP! Founders Ian and Jess Campbell with their three boys.

Do You Need Previous Swimming or Teaching Experience?

JUMP! offers a unique opportunity for people with a love of working with children and a desire to grow as a truly independent business, and JUMP! Headquarters will supply new franchise owners with the tools and systems required to be successful in this venture. The franchise approval process is dependent on the screening of applicants in order to ensure they’re a good fit for the business, just as much as the business is a good fit for them.
Owning your own business is an extremely exciting venture, and with JUMP! Swim Schools, franchisees will also be making a difference in the lives of young children; it is a chance to embark on a fulfilling and rewarding career path.

Thousands of babies and young Aussie kids are learning a vital survival and life skill across a network of school.

Want to Dip Your Toes in the Water?

JUMP! is currently seeking franchisees for across the country and have several sites on offer, so now is a great time to join them at the ground floor for the perfect opportunity to tap into a large and secure market. Franchisees will also enjoy a great lifestyle business and the chance to control your own financial future through JUMP!’s proven models.

If you’re interested to find out more or think you’d like to become a Franchisee, fill out JUMP!’s franchise enquiry form. We will be in touch with you soon via phone or e-mail.